PR: Parasite Eve (Samueru: Mitokondoriajū サムエル:ミトコンドリア獣?, Samuel: Mitochondria Beast) is the action-adventure monster-taming series. Unlike the subquest series, Samuel Nakaoka the Second and Charizard were only main character which is teaming up with the anti-heroine (later heroine in the end on the first game) Aya Brea.


PR: Parasite Eve

The first game was released in 2002 where take place between Lightspeed Rescue and the others. Near in the end of the game, Samuel Nakaoka the Second recklessly absorbs Aya's mitochondria persona, causing him to make his Shin Form in Gaim Arc.

PR Parasite Eve II: Shadows Sight

Anime series

PR: Parasite Eve

This film was completely based on the game where Samuel Nakaoka the Second, afraid of Aya's mitochondria persona and go to the Forbidden World:Parasite Eve alone. The movie was served as a direct sequel to the game because Samuel Nakaoka the Second recognizes her.

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