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PR: Fatal Frame (Samueru: Rei サムエル:零?, lit. Samuel: Zero) is the 3D action-adventure monster-hunting/taming game, but comedy. It was not a survival-horror due to Samuel's shocked and afraid a scary moments. This is the first time when the characters speaking languages with many previous games. However, this series was sexual mature due to explicit nudity before censored in North America, making them less mature.


PR: Fatal Frame

A first game since Samuel defeating Ganondorf with the help of Link in Wind Walker. Samuel Nakaoka the Second and Bowser traveling the wrong direction to Fatal Frame World. As Bowser fled to report Peter Griffin while Samuel Nakaoka kidnapped by Kirie's maidens, he was transformed into a girl by the maidens. With the help of a shy friend, Maki Ayusami, he used his powers to tame the ferocious beasts.


Samuel and Miku: Great Ghost Adventure

This anime was the canon after PR: Fatal Frame, but only Japan.

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