PR: Fashion Heroes (Shin Samueru: Doresu Appu Sōran 新サムエル:ドレスアップ騒乱?, lit. New Samuel: Dress-up Mayhem) is the 2016 action-adventure dress-up game which is featuring Samuel Nakaoka the Second and will be more comedic tone rather than a darker tone. This game take place several months after the Gaim Arc and Paradox Timestream movie due to all of the references as well before Samuel Nakaoka the Second's very important training.


Ending 1


Main Characters

  • Samuel Nakaoka the Second - The major playable and play his less serious and very funny role who killed Reginald Kastle and Kumon Kai ruthlessly. She reunites with Iruin from PR Zelda: Twin Heroes and finally decide to let her stay after Chapter 2.
  • Iruin - A BEAST Spirit partner of Samuel Nakaoka the Second who reunite with him.


  • Jorgen Von Strangle - The ally of Team Samuel.
  • King Mickey Mouse


  • Lady Maud



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