PR: Battle from the Universes is the 2012 action comedy film based on Power Rangers: Megaforce. This film take place after event of Megaforce and before PR: Hyperdimension 3 where Samuel Nakaoka the Second was supposedly cease to exist only his essence was appeared before Ralph and Toon Zelda found the essence and created the data version of Samuel Nakaoka to save the world from the new evil forces.


The Beginning after Megaforce


Main Characters

  • Data-Samuel - The data version of Samuel Nakaoka the Second who created by Ralph and Toon Zelda in order keep Samuel Nakaoka's legacy from dying.
  • Wreck-It Ralph - The character of Fix-It Felix, Jr game who is created Data-Samuel.
  • Toon Zelda - The returning character of Power Rangers: The Winds Awakening who is created Data-Samuel who lives on Zelda World.
  • Calhoun Aran - The descendant of Samus Aran from PR: Metroid who lives on Metroid World.

Supporting Characters


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