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PR: Awaken the Worlds (Power Rangers Story: Awakening the Worlds) is the upcoming action-adventure game released from November 29, 2016 on Nintendo 3DS. This game takes on the open-world game by bringing Fire Emblem elements and Legend of Zelda elements. It was reused from PR: The Dimension of Mirage and the long-time GBC PR: Legend of Zelda Oracles series. This game was take place during the incident of Meiko Arc.


  • Create a Avatar's Race when the body's parts was attached.
  • Newly advanced Open-World game.
  • Marriage System was reused.
  • R-18 Content reused only improved used On and Off to make sure to avoid the adults.


Prologue: The Shrine of Awakening

When the Avatar was created,

Chapter 1: The Time of the Past

After the training with Vrak,


Main Playable


  • Vrak
  • Kiri Marialate
  • Chrom


Chapter 1



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