For information on the fictional history of the virtual band, see PK Thunder (virtual band).

Genre(s) Alternative rock, experimental
Record Label Jesse Records, Inc.
Most Recent Release N/A
Number of Members 5
Members JesseRoo (tbc) - Keyboard, songwriting
Fillet-O-Fish (tbc) - Bass
Spark01 (tbc) - drums
YoshiEgg (tbc) - lead vocals
Hemu (tbc) - guitar, songwriting
Former Members Cobweb (tbc) - Electronic soundscapes, songwriting(currently producer)

PK Thunder is a virtual band created by JesseRoo (tbc). It was formed in early June of 2010, initially consisting only of the duo of Jesse and Cobweb (tbc). They quickly set about recruiting other band members, recruiting Spark01 (tbc) on drums and enlisting YoshiEgg (tbc) for lead vocals. Hemu (tbc) joined as the guitarist and lyricist, and Fillet-O-Fish (tbc) decided to come along for the ride and help develop the history of the fictional band Jesse wanted to create, but was soon fired. They never got anywhere and de facto broke up, but then in mid-May 2011 Hemu (tbc) decided to reunite the band, Spark01 (tbc) was the first to re-join, with Cobweb (tbc) initially declining, but eventually decided to be production, Fillet-O-Fish (tbc) joined the band again, but will not play until he gets a bass, JesseRoo (tbc) and {{User|YoshiEgg} have both expressed interest in reuniting but aren't immediately due to technical and musical reasons.

They have not released any albums yet.

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