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PHD to Kill
Developer(s) Simple Studios
Publisher(s) Fantendo Publishing
Platform(s) PC,Tesseract-8,Infinity
Genre(s) FPS,Action,Multiplayer
Release Date(s)
Campaign,Neo-Campaign(Bass Boosted DLC),Multiplayer
Series PHD to kill
Successor PHD II Kill:Second Opinion


PHD to kill plays similar to old fashioned shooters like quake,doom and unreal tournament.You run around one of the arenas with up to 3 weapons(not counting dual wielding)and 4 grenades to try and complete the objective(usually involving the massacre of enemies).



its the year 19015! Medical Science is practically just a giant pile of miracles which is always nice.

You play as Doctor Norman Gai.Who is working at Areplaes Hospital at the start of the game.A Portal is opened and a balding man in a suit(known as the minister) surrounded by monsters appears,he kills all the patients,kicking you to the ground and grabs several vials off of a table. Left in a pile of corpses something inside your brain snaps.And you grab a crutch on the ground and prop it up to hold the portal open.You then go grab a set of crutches and make 2 makeshift mini-rocket launchers. You jump through the portal,hellbent on finding out what the hell is happening and avenging all the patients you lost on this day





Name Image Stats Bio Skins
Dr. Norman Gai Dr.NormanGaiShattered



FAK(fire arm knowledge):4/5

Weight class:middleweight

The surviving doctor of Areplaes Hospital.broken by the torment of all those dead people,is insane and is the glass cannon of the roster







FAK(fire arm knowledge):5/5

Weight class:heavyweight

Surgeon by day,mercanary by night,when Jill discovers the price tag on the minister's head,she heads out to attack.She is a sniper with great accuracy and damage






FAK(fire arm knowledge):2/5

Weight class:super heavyweight

Icarus was one of the minister's healerdrone's possesed by one of the tortured souls the minister had killed.He is a tank by any definition,but isn't terribly good with weapons
Pat Noyia TBA



FAK(fire arm knowledge):3/5

Weight class:heavyweight

Although Dr.Gai Belived he was the sole survivor, one other managed to survive, and was also turned crazy by it.Pat is good for beginners to the FPS genre and has rounded stats
Leah Needleman TBA



FAK(fire arm knowledge):5/5

Weight class:featherweight

Leah has no ties to the stories at all,being a guest character.Leah is a semi-joke character,considering how fucking ridiculous her playstyle is.It consists of:

  1. run at enemy
  2. stab enemy
  3. dont die

​you have to get up close and personal to deal damage as leah cant pick up non-melee weapons,it is recomended to be good at ambushing or just don't play as her

S-O~U_L :) TBA



FAK(fire arm knowledge):???

Weight class:middleweight

Soul has a chance to replace bosses in campaign mode for no reason.he has randomized weapons and stats,meaning he is really just to play as for a laugh


there are 2 types of weapons.Normal and unique


Name Picture Ammo Type Damage Skins
Rocket Crutch TBA Rockets

20-25(direct hit)

30-45(direct crit)

15-21(blast radius)

22-29(blast radius crit)

Candy Cane Ciller(Red and white swirls,bell hanging off of the barrel
Sawbow TBA Bonesaws



workshop warlord bow

(bonesaw is replaced with workshop saw,given a more rustic appearance)

syringe shotgun TBA syringes



sawn off(no barrel)
bonesaw TBA N/A



Workshop Warlord's Saw(replaced with workshop saw)


Name Image Ammo Damage Effect User
Double Mini-crutches TBA rockets

20-25x2(direct hit)

30-45x2(direct crit)

15-21x2(blast radius)

22-29x2(blast radius crit)

uses twice as much ammo,rockets are smaller,fly faster and have smaller blast AoE Dr.Gui
Kill Jill TBA bonesaws



1 damage per tick when bleeding

uses buzzsaws instead of normal ones,buzzsaws have 25% chance to cause bleed effect for 10 seconds,damage is halved and projectiles have arcing properties Dr.Jak
Destroy.EXE TBA Syringes 3 damage per tick syringes cause no damage but inject target with napalm,causing 3 damage per second for 10 seconds,spread is tighter and clip and ammo is doubled Healerdrone Icarus
ShellShock TBA Rockets 100 damage,10+ damage every time it hits an opponent,10- damage when it hits off of a wall Shoots metal teslabombs shaped like koopa troopa shells,they do more damage when they hit off enemies,and do less when they hit off walls.If the damage reaches zero the shell explodes and deals the highest level of damage it reached Pat Noyia
Lobotomizer TBA


80 damage on first hit,5 damage ever 2 seconds after first hit It looks like a pizzacutter with a small engine half-assedly put on,it can be held down to do more damage every 2 seconds,dont get caught in a corner with this thing pointed at you Leah Needlenam

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