This is one of the games in the PAW Patrol: All 4 Fun pack. In it, you team up with Mayor Humdinger to defeat the Terrifying Twenty!

Playable Characters

Unlocked at Start

  • Ryder
  • Marshall
  • Rubble
  • Chase
  • Rocky
  • Zuma
  • Skye
  • Everest
  • Robo-Pup

Unlocked in Later Levels

  • Mayor Humdinger
  • Logan Hinako
  • Monty Hinako
  • Suzan Hinako
  • Alex Porter
  • Cali
  • Katie
  • Chickaletta
  • Mayor Goodway
  • Night Ryder

Level 1: The Humdinger Redemption

Mission: Respond to the Distress Call from an Unknown Hostage!

Boss: Bloat Bunn

Level 2: Rain of the Floody Mammoths!

Mission: Stop Flood Mammoth Monarch from flooding the town!

Boss: Flood Mammoth Monach

Level 3: Attack of the 30ft Birthday Cake!

Mission: Stop Earth-Cake from wrecking the town!

Boss: Earth-Cake

Level 4: Liar Liar, Forest Fires!

Mission: Save all of the animals from a raging forest fire!

Boss: Corn-Oillio

Level 5: How do Chest have fun?

Mission: Travel back in time to rescue Mayor Goodway from Wild Wilbur!

Boss: Wild Wilbur

Level 6: Necklace Nabbed, Monkey Mad!

Mission: Figure out why the Jungle's wildlife is going bonkers!

Boss: The Monkey Queen

Level 7: Nothing but Pests!

Mission: Rescue Katie from the Basket-Brawlers!

Boss: Baska-Wiggler

Level 8: Wool Over your Batty Eyes!

Mission: Figure out who is kid-napping Farmer Al's Sheep!

Boss: Fat Bat

Level 9: Cabin Fever Factor!

Mission: Rescue Alex from the Cabin Co!

Boss: 50 Monster Freak Fest!

Level 10: Snow more Boredom, Yet more Monsters!

Misssion: Stop a Snow Monster from attacking the Mountain!

Boss: Adventure Bay Snow Monster

Level 11: Ruffled Feathers

Mission: Rescue Chicakletta from the Weasel!

Boss: The Weasel

Level 12: Scroll with It!

Mission: Protect the Scroll of Pup-Fu from the Crimson Rose Army!

Boss: Count Vesuvius

Level 13: Foggy Day in Adventure Bay!

Mission: Stop the Fog-Dragon from putting Adventure Bay in an Eternal Fog!

Boss: The Fog Dragon

Level 14: Come Scale Away!

Mission: Travel back in time again to save Rubble's Ancestor; Captain Blackfur!

Boss: Krak the Gripper

Level 15: Jelling Out!

Mission: Explore a forgotten gelatin factory that is a actual supervillain lair!

Boss: Jelly-Skull

Level 16: All Amped Up!

Mission: Stop Harper Drone from messing up Luke Star's and Nefarious S.M.A.L.L's concert!

Boss: Harper Drone

Level 17: Wrath of the Cosplayer

Mission: Go after the Cosplayer!

Boss: The Cosplayer

Level 18: Fishy Follies

Mission: Stop an army of aquatic adversaries!

Boss: The Fishy Frigate!

Level 19: Grave Danger Ahead!

Mission: Help Ashley defeat her arch rival from raising the dead!

Boss: Brittney and Green!

Level 20: Endless Darkness; Ryder of the Night!

Mission: Stop Night Ryder from marrying Katie!

Boss: The Night Bouquet

Level Final: Operation C.H.I.M.E.R.A.

Mission: Stop Emily Shinjitsu from taking over all of Adventure Bay; and the world!

Boss: Emily Shinijtisu and Kit-Tastrophe Hydra!

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