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The PAC-MAN 35th Pack is a pack of games set to be released in Fall 2015. It is made to celebrate the 35th Anniversarry of the original PAC-MAN arcade game. It will be released on Wii U.


The game features all three games in the PAC-MAN World trilogy. Along with the six arcade games in Sue's Arcade, the game goes to a total of ten games. An eleventh game is gained upon tapping an amiibo.

List of Games:

    • PAC-MAN
    • Ms. PAC-MAN
    • PAC-LAND
    • PAC-MAN VS. (amiibo required)

New Features

  • All the games have been remastered in HD.
  • PAC-MAN is removed from PAC-MAN WORLD 3 due to PAC-MAN WORLD 2 being included.
  • Two games have been added into Sue's Arcade: PAC-LAND and SUPER PAC-MAN.
  • Various glitches have been fixed.
  • The game is compatible with amiibo.
  • PAC-MAN FEVER is added to the Jukebox.
  • A TV allows players to watch the first two episodes of Hanna-Barbara's PAC-MAN and PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures.
  • Upon defeating the final boss of a game, Ms. PAC-MAN can be unlocked as an alternate for the game that is completed. Levels with her will have her replaced with PAC-MAN.


Upon using PAC-MAN's Amiibo, all six games in Sue's arcade will be unlocked, as well as a seventh game, PAC-MAN Vs., which features the gamepad replacing the Game Boy Advance. Mario guest stars as the announcer.

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