Ozzieland is a strange time period in Chrono Chaos, which the heroes visit four times throughout the game. It is unknown what time Ozzieland is in, seeing as Ozzie has created a new way to record years, AO (After Ozzie). When the group first gets here, Ozzie explains he travelled through time and found a country with no rulers, only peasants. Ozzie declared himself the ruler, and they built up this huge empire. Ozzieland is almost all cities filled with pictures of Ozzie. The civillians here look exasperated and one says that "they are always watching".


  • Ozzieside: What was once Hillside was changed into Ozzieside. It remains largely the same, save for giant menacing pictures of Ozzie and.
  • Ozzietropolis: A giant city build to honor Ozzie, and the capital of Ozzieland.
  • Mt. Slash: A giant mountain which hosts Slash's dojo and it is also where Slash lives.
  • Odd Marsh: A swamp behind Ozzieland that is home to Egnarts.
  • Imperial Flea Building: A giant industrial building owned by Flea.
  • Castle Ozzie: A giant castle owned by Ozzie. This is where he lives and governs.
  • Air Ozzie: A giant airship used by Ozzie when he invites the heroes to his true castle.
  • Ozzie's Palace: Ozzie's true castle.
  • The Sewers: An underground means of getting through Ozzie and live without his terrible rule.
  • Crono Memorial Prision: This is where Ozzie dumps his prisioners. At the entrance, there is a giant picture of Crono being beheaded by Ozzie.
  • Jarrin's Hideout: After freeing him from the Crono Memorial Prision, Jarrin resides here.
  • Ozzie's Woods: A forest named after Ozzie.
  • Mystica: Another major city, what was a small village of fiends in the Present has turned into a large city.


  • Jarrin - One of Ozzie's three henchmen, also joins you
  • Egnarts - Optional character
  • Ozzie - The tyrannical ruler of this land
  • Slash - A master fiend swordsman and one of Ozzie's three henchmen.
  • Flea - A crossdressing henchman of Ozzie.
  • Napo - A revolting human.
  • Hybrido - The cause of it all


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