Right. [holds her baby closely] I hope I get to live a peaceful life one day, without stupid villains coming along to ruin everything...
Oyster, Shadows of Mallory, Chapter 11: By Her Deathbed

Oyster Moore
Oyster 2018 Drebbles
Current Age 25
Date of Birth September 21st
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Seashell Turret
Height 5'02"

Oyster Moore is one of the minor characters of the Zaxinian Lifts, and manages the series' Naxaz Bar, where one can buy and purchase items. She is one of the very few characters with water traits in the Zaxinian Lifts, a unique trait shared with Oshelia. She is a kind woman that doesn't really do much other than serve her friends drinks and talk to them all night long.


Oyster is a somewhat short teenager with white skin who has silvery hair kept together with red braids. Almost in every situation, Oyster looks like she's either frightened, embarrassed, or just blushing. Her eyes are sky blue and on her right cheek is a sky blue tattoo of a star. She wears a blue and green striped shirt and a maroon coat, and has whit shorts. Around her forearms are many bracelets, which are pretty much strings with many sea related items attached to them, including shark teeth and shells. She wears aqua-colored sandals. Finally, around her neck is a necklace of many gemstones.


The first thing you'll notice about Oyster is that she is extremely shy and doesn't really get close to people, always being embarrassed about being near them. She's very quiet and does not participate in group conversations, only wanting to talk with one person at max. When people comment on her, she blushes - even if what they're saying is negative - and squeals faintly. It's amazing how she can manage to handle a bar with these traits, but she's actually very willing to help people out and does what she can to do so, even if it means embarrassing herself greatly.


Oyster doesn't really have many abilities to speak of, but her most notable is definitely her water element, which allows her to toss water from her hands at different temperatures, or to throw water shurikens, which can burn or freeze enemies, depending on the water's temperature. Other than her water abilities, she only knows simple karate and doesn't fight very well with it. Oyster usually drags around a giant blue seashell with her, which she often hides inside if intimidated, and the shell is almost unbreakable.

Her main weapon is the Seashell Turret, which serves as an incredible line of defense. It fires a harmless red laser forward, and fires missiles where the red laser is pointing on Oyster's command. It's a powerful spacing tool and it's perhaps one of the most threatening things Oyster can use.

Relationships with Other Characters

General Snickers

Oyster doesn't actually mind Snickers, because she thinks that he's kinda hot (and, she finds about everyone hot) and that he was super kind to her, so she's absolutely okay being around this war general.



  • Oyster was originally an AoW character.

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