Oya Gale
Oya 2
Oya Gale, the newest Master of the Sky.
Full Name Oya Gale
Gender Female
Location TBA
Class Hero
First Appearance Trinity: Power of Three (first official appearance)

Oya Gale is one of the main characters of the Trinity (series) as the second and oldest member of the Triquetra and the Master of the Sky who debuted in Trinity: Power of Three. Being the Master of the Sky, she has unlimited control of the Sky and all who inhabit it- including temporary mind control over birds and flying through the air.




She has unlimited control over most things to do with the concept of the Sky, and this includes: mind-control over birds, the ability to fly, create clouds as well as the ability to fire bursts of wind. However, she mostly fights with her staff which she can use to fire lightning if she wants to, as well as to throw like a boomerang, causing a mini-tornado.


She is a nineteen-year-old girl with long, light blue hair as well as brown eyes. She wears a white bandaged top with a purple belt with matching purple shorts, with a yellow loincloth overlaying it. She also wears yellow gauntlets and two yellow shoes with purple sky-symbols, and carries a large staff around with her.



  • Oya's design was mostly original, although her updated design was incorporated some design aspects from Wind Dancer- a Marvel superhero who could also manipulate air.