Owl Suit
Item Type Transformation
Kind of Item Suit
First Appearance Super Mario: An Evil Rising
Transforms a person into an owl-like creature that can fly for 15 seconds.

The Owl Suit is a suit that is able to transform people into owl creatures. It makes it's debut appearance in Super Mario: An Evil Rising.


Super Mario: An Evil Rising

In Game Description

This is a quote from the Toadus Museum, "The newly invented owl suit allows to transform the user into an owl-like creature that allows them to fly for at least 15 second, depending on the terrain, weather conditions, and/or weight of the user. It can also launch feathers at enemies. We thank the wonderful donation of this suit from the sailor, Captain Toadhab after a journey to Donkey Kong Island."


Sorta like a upgrade to the Super Leaf and the Tanookies, it allows people to get into the suit and fly for at least 15 seconds depending on certain factors. Not oly can it fly, but it can also launch feathers.


Super Mario: An Evil Rising

Mario uses suit multiple times throughout his story. For example, he can use it in a boss battle against the I Mage Statue Object Protector by shooting feathers into his eye, Captain Toadhab donates a suit to the Toadus Museum after Mario returns from Yoshi's Island.


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