Owen ACL
Owen, Hugo's brother
Full Name Owen
Current Age 16
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Lani City
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
Hugo (Brother) Chase (Cousin) Jakob (Cousin)
Ability/ies Psychic Boom
Voice Actor(s)
Luke (2014-present)
First Appearance Hugo Laser-tag
Latest Appearance Hugo Journey 2
 Owen is a character from the Hugo series. He has telekenesis and is pretty powerful. He can teleport only in the top screen view. He is set to appear in alot of games.


Hugo Laser-tag

He appears for the first ever time in this game. He is a playable character and is know to have telekenisis. His final shot in his gun will be the Psychic Boom.

Hugo Go-karting

He appears for the second time and is a playable character. When teamed up, he will be with Hugo.

Fantendo Universe

He appears as a supporting character and his new appearance pays off. His telekenisis will make him power full and he isnt knocked out much.

Hugo Journey 2

His first ever adventure appearance. His new appearance is still in hand as he helps hugo stop the evil Trysparrow! Owen's been in Lani City for a long time, so he won't let it be destroyed!


Owen has transformations which give him great and cool powers. His transformations appear as shapes.