Battle of Bracelets 4: Overlight Truth is the first downlandable content heavily involving and starring the Overlight Bracelets does to fans' popular demand. Like every DLCs, it includes new characters, weapons and abilities, but unlike others, a new mode called Mechanic Invasion is introduced and can be played in the main game.

The story involves Phobos' betrayal against Hades and joined the previously defeated Mechanic Bracelets to creates a superpowerful beast called Archphobia, the Tritant of Fears. The Golden Bracelets tried to stop this from happening, but the Dark Bracelets defeated them and tries to take over Archphobia, while the Overlight Bracelets, now no more evil and that Sundium is out of their ways, take on the double threats, and stop the new menace, Mortemis the Dark Topaz Bracelet.


Coming soon


Like all DLC, new characters are added. Characters included in this DLC are either same or upgraded.

Playable in this DLC

Character Description Abilities Weapons
Samty (Updated)

Gigant Overlight

Samty, now remembered his tormented past, finally gather up with his Overlight friends and teamed up with the Divine Bracelets to stop Archphobia and those who will uses him for gruesome endings.

His new Powers, the Supernova Combat (7500HP) and the Hyper Punishment (10000HP), help him to be a true Overlight Bracelet.

  • Light Shield
  • Growing-Up!
Crime Stabber

LightBoB StrongBoB


Crystal Overlight

Opaluke saw the true danger from getting true, and forces him and his Overlight friends to take on the extreme menace. This will not be their last battle, but Opaluke do think that their enemies are more agressive than before.
  • Sheer Wings
  • Angel's Assault
Expandable Swords

CosmosBoB CrystalBoB


Eruption Overlight

After a rough training, Ron is now more skilled and even less arrogent than before. But one thing is still unclear; will he pleases his allies for real without getting screwed up again?
  • Rushing Lava
  • Iron Nerves

MagmaBoB MetalBoB


Cloud Overlight

Becoming even less selfish and more friendly, Sophia can still pack a punch on those who are going to harm her or her allies. Her beauty haven't changed but her goals did.
  • Water Heal
  • Foam Form
Steam Staff

WaterBoB SteamBoB


Spark Overlight

Ray's intelligence had only increased, so are his main elements power. He is now acknowledged with Doug (being his personal bruiser) and work together in order to bring smarter and stronger supports to his dear allies.
  • Electric Body
  • Confusing Instructions

ThunderBoB MindBoB

Unplayable in DLC Story


Coming soon

New Abilities

Coming soon


  • It is the first DLC of the series to be made by someone other than the creator, which in this case, Samtendo09. It is created under permission.

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