The BOss IS in Pane Pain PaiN PAIN

Current Age 77 (Human)/ 52 (Sonorodium)
Gender Male
Species Sonorodium
Ability/ies Sonic manipulation

Recording and playback of sound


Overhere is a character developed by Pyro Enterprises. He acts as a minion of Inversim and is the villain's primary reconnaissance and sabotage officer.


As far as personality goes, Overhere is an open book with many interpretations. He is only able to communicate by replicating words that he had heard others say and splicing them into patterns, so his true emotions are difficult to gauge. However, it is known that he is extremely loyal to Inversim.


Overhere's past is largely unknown, but it is known that he has spent excessive amounts of time residing in prisons across the Pyroverse, most notably Gaol Stronghold. His criminal track record is varied- he has been incarcerated for fraud, violence, psychological torment, and jaywalking.

His reasons for working alongside Inversim are unknown at the current time.


Overhere possesses basic audiokinesis as his primary offensive ability, being able to create piercing screams or render an opponent deaf or silenced. His greatest ability, however, is his ability to automatically record all sound around him in a 12-foot radius. He can then play back his store of recorded sound at will, and must utilize this recorded speech to speak. His storage is memory-dependant, but he has an extremely large memory for a Sonorodium.


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  • Overhere's name is based off a combination of the word overhear and the phrase Over here, referring to his auditory storage power and manipulative tendencies.
  • Overhere lacks facial features in the typical sense; the eye-like object is actually a natural speaker, and the mouth-like object appears to be a frequency adjuster that resembles a radio needle. It is unknown how Overhere senses.