Overgrown Jungle is the fifth world in Extreme Mario World. It has tall green trees, poison lakes, and temples. The boss of this world is Iggy. The enemy course is a Wiggler.


Vine Valley

The first level of World 5. It has vines, Piranha Plants, and spinning platforms

King Sized Jungle

A jungle level with giant enemies.

Wiggler's Woods

A sunset forest level with Wigglers, and poison water.

Toxic Rapids

A level with a wooden raft, Goombas, Monty Moles, and poison water. Petey is on his tower at the end.

Snake Block Tower

A tower level with moving spike walls, mace balls, and snake blocks. The boss is Petet Piranha

Tree Top Bop

A sky level with platforms, Fuzzies, and tree like platforms.

Boo's Haunted Woods

The ghost level of World 5. It has Peepas, Boos, Broozers, and Scaredy Rats.

Pyre Pillar

A level with lava pits, Wigglers, Fire Bros, and Bony Beetles. Iggy's ship will be circling his castle at the end.

Iggy's Chain Swing Castle

Iggy's Castle. There is chains, green orbs, lava waves, and Grinders. The boss is Iggy Koopa.

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