Overdrive Studios is a company that makes games for many consoles. We were founded in 2007 by Michael Wajchert in New Lenox, Illinois and since then we've made over 30 games for over 10 console, handheld and created the Requiem, Act of Valor, and Ultra 2099 Franchises. We work on RPGs, Shooters, Platformers, and much more. We've worked on many huge project on many famous franchises including Mario, Zelda, Call of Duty, Mega Man, Pokemon, Mega Man, Sonic, and many more franchises. Are mascot is Ultra 2099 from the Ultra 2099 franchise.


I am welcoming anyone to be part of Overdrive Studio. It is a fun and great experience, and you can do so much more. Idea talks on construction so wait for hiring.

MrDjThompson, Founder and CEO of Overdrive Studios





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