Out of Many

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Chapter 8: Unknown Thoughts

Written by Dk64rules (tbc)

Eton left me.

My only true affiliate in this world, in this mission, he just...left!

As if he could take matters into his own hands...we both know the truth about the situation, he is just blind to it now, but Eton will hurt our (or what used to be our) plan more than he knows...

The boy, the one we want on our side, he will take down Eton and discover more information that I would dare give him. Ever. Igne will be a pushover, I can tell, but Eton will pose a challenge for his destructive reward.

The reward he has no idea will be gifted.

Walking back to my grand room, I continue to ponder the major change. A storm rolls in, its dark clouds hanging omniously, blocking out the bright sun of day. Immediately, rain begins to fall and thunder booms in the distance.

Something has disturbed the Great One.

Immediately I think it's Eton. I think of how much he's screwing up this whole thing, what he could be doing as I speak, and come to the conclusion that the Great One is angry over Eton's actions.

But then, I see the volcano egin to erupt. And I know that it is the demise, the fall, of Igne.

After watching in horror, I storm (no pun intended) out of The Stronghold and summon my Hidden Gate:

Master's Hidden Gate

Using it's divine power, I teleport over to the Mainland. What is happening now can only get worse if Eton sees this as a chance to intervene.

Upon reaching the volcano, I see exactly what I expected...

"Eton! Stop this immediately! Do not strike now, or you will screw this whole thing over and fatal consequences will come to you!"

And he stopped going into the cave entrance to Igne's Palace, turned to look at me, and said,


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