Out of Many

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Chapter 7: Igne

Written by Dk64rules (tbc)

"How does it feel to stand in my godly presence?" Igne asked, obviously full of himself. I was dealing with one of those types of people...

"Okay, settle down, King of Flames. Just tell me where I am and what you want, and I'll be on my way." I tried to combat his attitude with a bit more confidence than I'm known for.

"Ooh, I like that burning confidence! You'll make a great addition to our team!"

"What...What team?"

"You'll find out! Now listen, I've got a little solution for our obvious little misunderstanding here...I get to corrupt you, and have my way with the girl I've got captured and coming here shortly, while you sit back and do not resist! Doesn't that sound wonderful?"

This guy sounded like he was out of his mind on a power trip. But now I had a purpose to resist him more than ever; through his over-confidence, he let slip that he's captured the only other person I know in this world, and I felt that it is my duty to protect her.

"Ha, okay, what about this:" I started, "I beat you to the ground, save the girl from your little 'Volcanites', and find a way out of this crazy world. Sounds better that way, doesn't it?" I was really getting into it, this confident character. It was the only way I could outsmart his own.

See, he wanted to intimidate me by being this cocky, fiery figure rather than some quiet, ominous shadow, but matching his confidence to an extent nulls that effect, leaving him to have to continue his little game and forget the time he's losing.

As we went back and forth, some Volcanites brought in the girl that he had mentioned. She instantly recognized me.

"We braht 'er for you, Masteh!" they simultaneously chanted as they placed her on the floor. She got up and Igne left me to meet her.

"Oh, miss, I think you'll find it to be much hotter in here than outside...and not because you're in a volcano! Oh, we're going to have so much'll find me much more interesting than him, his boring ass wants to save you from a...rather long and hard night with me!"

Igne just went from over-confident and corny to downright creepy.

"Let her go, you fiery creep!" I shouted to him. He did a quick turn, knocking the girl to the floor.

Raging, he shouted back, "Time to show my real firepower! I was hoping to save this energy for something different later, but it's easily converted to bashing your head into the rock wall!"

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