Out of Many

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Chapter 6: The Volcanites

Written by Dk64rules (tbc)

I woke up, the next morning after I met with the mysterious girl and my house appeared. Still knowing little about this world, I figured I had some time on my hands, and proceeded to really check out my new home. Small, comfortable, and sturdy. A true success in compact home construction.

I wondered for a bit why I wasn't ever feeling hungry, thirsty, or the need to go to the bathroom (which this house doesn't have). With that clue in mind, I figured it had something to do with the world, like the instant fire thing. As the sun shone through my windows, I got up, grabbed my fire sticks, and headed into the open fields of Blank.

That didn't last long.

"Stop, boy!" I heard a shout from my right. In the instant of shock, I turned to the sound. However, a being from the opposite threw a large woven sack over my head. The being from the right that I assumed yelled to me tied the open end shut.

Within seconds, I was kidnapped!

"Wheh d'we take 'im, boss?"

"Masteh said f 'rus to present ouah lil' catch here in deh Throne Room."

"Ahkay, comrahds! Hoist and carreh on!"

From what I could decipher out of their...interesting dialect, their "Master" of sorts wants me presented in his Throne Room...guess I must be pretty important to him; I was expecting something like "Throw 'im in deh coldest and dahkest cell in deh dungeon!"

When the beings finally stopped carrying me, I saw the sack being untied, and then I was thrown out and onto a rather-nice looking tiled floor.

"Ah ha! You actually found just the one I wanted! Excellent job, my Volcanites! Beings of the mighty Blank Volcano, you are free for the rest of the day! Leave my prize and me alone..."

I stayed down on the floor as the "Volcanites" left.

"Well, young one, rise and face me!"

I can't stay down any longer. Reluctantly, I get up to face this leader. His appearance surprises me greatly. He's not an ominous figure at all. He's...he's just a kid! Maybe a bit older than me, but still a teenager nonetheless! But...there are two things unsettling about him...

He has no color or pupils in his eyes. Just...souless-looking white...

And the mysterious symbols that float behind him...


I am the Master of Fire, the one, the only, Igne!

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