Out of Many

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Chapter 4: Unknown Findings

Written by Dk64rules (tbc)

"This is going to go so wrong...and I have to stand aside and watch as our dream falls to the ground and shatters!" Eton vents his anger within his chamber. The sun begins to set, creating a beautiful horizon over the ocean.

"I can't...I can't stand to see Igne try his hand at corrupting this unique one. I must go after him myself, even if that is going against my master. In the end, I will be thanked, and Master will be shown the potential error of ignorance."

Eton grabs his signature weapon, the Bloodied Rapier, and changes into his agile fighting gear. Locking his chamber door, he proceeds down the hall, to the front door where he will casually leave and not return.

On his way there, Eton notices that his Master's private room door is open. Still on his rebellious kick, he sneaks inside.

"Maybe I will find something of importance in here..." he wonders.

The room is pretty barren, save for a single desk in front of a small window. All of the walls are cold stone, and the room has an eerie feel to it.

Eton opens the only drawer of the desk...

", this is why...I really have to end this. Master is going to screw over the entire plan by playing this risky mindgame! This is ridiculous!"

"Say that again, Eton?"

Eton quickly turns around and is face to face with none other than his master.

" are insane! This will never work! You're wasting time, and I'm going to do this right."

"Don't fool yourself. You are mine, Eton. I can...well, end your stupid little rebellious quest at any time. Go back to your chamber, and I will continue my work."

"Never. I know too much now. You can't trick me anymore. I am going to do this."

"You're making a dire mistake, Eton!"

"Or is it you?"

Eton throws his rapier out the single window, shattering it. Then, before his master can react, he leaps backwards out the open space. Trained in this skill of acrobatics, he turns to land the right way, and pulls it off with no trouble. Recollecting his weapon, he runs away from the Grand Stronghold and into the surrounding forest.

"Great One, you will be pleased by my performance. Gift me my Shining Gate."

And with that, Eton receives the mysterious, spectral-looking item:

Eton's Shining Gate

Floating slightly behind him, it follows Eton as he goes through the trees. His own quest is now set in motion, and he has the Great One watching over him.

"Our unified race will be a reality, even if I have to single-handedly corrupt everyone."

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