Out of Many

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Chapter 2: Unknown Meeting

Written by Dk64rules (tbc)

"Master, I am here..."

"Good, as I have called you. There is...a problem here, a problem in which...well..."

"Please, take your time, Master. I have all day, all year, all of my time to listen."

"Well, this problem is unique. I know we've handled this before with the one of fire, but this time...I fear the level of resistance is too high."

"Master, I assure you, this one will fall like the others...all of the others. I can make sure of that. Send me, and spare yourself."

"See...that's what I wanted to talk to you about. I know I cannot complete this task as I had done with you and countless others, and on that note, seeing as you had done with several, including the one of fire, I think maybe that same one could take our problem down, what with his refreshing brand of that same angst."

"But...Master, he is still unfit! Send me, I will take care of it at once!"

"No Eton, I know what I'm doing! Their similar would be a perfect match, with our side coming out on top! You're far too predictable for this; when you were younger you held that same power, but now it is gone from you."

"Master! Forgive me, but, how dare you! I've helped you countless times! You can't be serious!"

"And yet, indeed I am! The fate of our unified race rests in the balance! I must continue my plan the way I intended, that each new one would be trained to corrupt more! You've served your time, now relax! You are my highest official, take a break!"

"Master, I live to serve you! But, you won't let me?!"

"That's enough!! You have been replaced, it is the concrete plan, live with it. It is the only way."

"...I will, if that is your wish. I fear though, it will not go as planned. Despite what you may think, I too see the unique quality in this one. Which is why I doubt you will succeed with the same old thing."

"I will, Eton. I will. Just go."

"As you wish, master..."

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