Oswald (Mouse)
Full Name Oswald
Current Age 13
Gender Male
Species Mouse
Location Sunny City
Current Status Active
Class Grade 7
Family and Relations
King Cheatsy (Cousin)
Main Weapon(s) Shock Stick
Voice Actor(s)
Erin Matthews
First Appearance Skip and Sqak Rangers (2013)

Oswald is the new member of SSFF who first appeared in Skip and Sqak Rangers. He is King Cheatsy's cousin who replaces his role after the old mouse got convulsions. Oswald has quickly became a main character in the series.


Oswald carries a small Shock Stick that can shock enemies, activate switches, and reprogram things. He can also throw his Shock Stick like a boomerang and swing his fist around for close combat.

Rangers Bio

"King Cheatsy is now old school and his cousin Oswald is doing the fighting for him! That young mouse carries the most electric Shock Stick the SSFF could ever equire! With the Shock Stick in his hand, Oswald can electicute bad boys until the turn to dust!"