soOstrich is a downloadable PC beat-em-up/fighting game and is the sequel to Super Duper Punch Kick Guys. It continues the story of Petey Piranha and Dry Bones after the events of the previous game. Some but not all characters from that game will return.

Playable Characters

Character Info
Mario Bros Petey
Petey Piranha
100px-SSB Mario Series
Back again to cause more mayhem, Petey is a huge powerhouse, and can chomp at opponents to attack. He also can swipe at people with his leaf arms, and spread vines across the stage to trap people. 
MKXL Dry Bones
Dry Bones
100px-SSB Mario Series
The good cop to Petey's bad cop, these two have been through a lot together, and now they join the fray! Dry Bones can shoot out ghostly blue fireballs from his mouth, as well as hide in his skeleton Koopa Shell and roll into other fighters to attack. He also can hit the opponents with quick punches and kicks. 
BW Bionicle logo
Onua is the Master of Earth, and is one of six heroes destined to save their home planet. Luckily, those other five aren't here right now. Onua is a heavyweight fighter, and he can use his drill-axe thingie as his main weapon. He also is able to summon boulders from the ground to attack opponents. 
SSB Unavaliable
Gamera is the protector of the land of Japan, created by Atlantians to stop the evil bird monsters from destroying the world. He can use his shield to protect him, and also can breather laser fire breath. He is one of the strongest characters in the game, and he also can hide in his shell and fly like some weird turtle UFO. 
Glass Joe
SSB Punch-Out Series
Glass Joe is the strongest boxer ever, with a whopping 1 victory! In reality though, he is the ultimate joke character. All his punches are weak, he fearfully wimpers throughout the fight, and he has laughably weak stamina. Don't play as him. Ever. 
Soda Popinski
Soda Popinski
SSB Punch-Out Series
A russian boxer who was originally called Vodka Drunkenski, he had to legally change his name just to get a driver's license. Soda Popinski is a burly boxer who hits hard but lacks in speed. He can punch his opponents to attack or throw empty soda bottles as projectiles. 
Splash Woman
SSB Mega Man series
Splash Woman is the only known female Robot Master, and thus becomes the subject of.... questionable fan-art. She can shoot lasers from her trident, or use her trident as a melee weapon. She also can use fish robots to help her fight. 
Nack the Weasel
SSB Sonic Series
Nack is a fairly unknown character that appeared in 2 or 3 Sonic games, but still gained a large amount of fans in the Sonic fandom. Nack attacks using his trusty pistol, which can hit players from long distances. He also can perform the iconic Spin Dash attack that most Sonic characters are able to do. 
Mortal kombat smash logo
Sub-Zero is a member of the Lin Kuei and the arch-rival of undead ninja Scorpion. Or are they friends? I don't know. He can make duplicates of himself in ice, or shoot people with ice to trap them. He is also a strong fighter, using punches and kicks to knock out opponents. 
SSB Star Fox Series
Falco is a member of the Star Fox team, and he's well known for his cocky and arrogant personality. He is a quick fighter, and personally, he prefers the air! He also has a lot of gadgets such as his laser gun, reflector, and whatever gizmo causes him to burst into flames. I want one of those. 
250px-Flash Takua New
BW Bionicle logo
Takua is an Av-Matoran who is destined to be a great hero or something. While he doesn't have many weapons, he can punch and kick and he also has mild light powers. 
HWL Toon Link 2
Toon Link
SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
A cartoony version of the Hero of Time. Toon Link can make jabs with his sword and also use his shield to protect against projectiles. He also has many different weapons such as boomerangs, bombs, his Hookshot, or he can use Deku Leaves as parachutes. 
Super Mario Maker - Mario Artwork 01 v2
Mario Maker
100px-SSB Mario Series
Mario retired from being a plumber and is now a construction worker. He can place down blocks and summon enemies to attack other players. He also can summon ? blocks to get items and power-ups. With his creative arsenal, he can dominate the battle field. 
Ace Bunny
SSB LooneyTunes2
Ace Bunny is a veteran from the previous game who now resides in Joke City. He wields a sword which he can use for quick strikes, and also has laser vision I think? I dunno, this show was fucking stupid. 
Bootleg Power Ranger
SSB Unavaliable
Bootleg Power Ranger is a veteran from the previous game who now resides in Joke City. I don't see why you would play as him though, as he has limited movement and articulation, and his weapon is made of plastic, so it doesn't do much damage. Still, you do have a chance to win when playing as this guy. A very slim chance. 

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