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Osirisvision is a monthly– previously biweekly– competition that takes place on the Forums of Fantendo, in which rulers of fictional countries submit songs and vote to choose the best song, since May 2015 until December 2015.


Osirisvision works very similarly to the Eurovision Song Contest, a real life competition in which countries from the European continent submit songs that represent them throughout the contest, and others vote to choose the winner. Unlike Eurovision, however, which is a yearly competition, Osirisvision happens once a month. Anyone, who owns a country in Osiris, or just any kind of fictional country, is welcome to join. All you need to be is someone the host can easily reach out to for votes (that is, be active on the local chat, or any other chats the host too is active on).

Sign-ups/song submissions happen every month on the 1st, when a thread for the monthly edition of Osirisvision is published on the Forums of Fantendo, and last until the 10th, which is when voting begins. Voting ends whenever the host receives all votes, although the contest may also end on the 25th, which is the deadline for votes, in the case that not all votes are sent.

As for sign-ups, each person willing to participate must publish something on the thread of the ongoing edition you'd like to sign-up for. However not the song you've chosen, as songs are meant to be submitted privately (this is to avoid bias while voting). Same goes for votes; which also are meant to be submitted privately, on chat private messages.

You can submit any genre, artist, etc. you'd like, except for parodies, songs shorter than two minutes, and covers/remixes/demos/mash-ups of songs already previously submitted. You can submit songs by the same artist in the same edition, as long as it's not the same song.

And, finally, as for voting, the format is the same as that of Eurovision. Each user awards 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 points to different songs, and people who fail to vote in time will be disqualified. You can't give the same amount of points to two songs, and you also can't give points to yourself.


May 2015

The first edition was hosted in Vallveve, particularly in its capital city of Clementower. Vallveve itself did not compete in this edition, despite the contest taking place within it. The first edition was won by Rikaceti, with 58 points.

Country Song Points
Rikaceti flag Rikaceti White Coats by Foxes 58
HammichFlag Hammich Got Love by Tove Lo 54
MariniaFlag Marinia Just Desserts by Marina and the Diamonds // Charli XCX 49
Flag of Soupistan Soupistan Modern Jesus by Portugal. The Man 45
IllusiaFlag Illusia Together by Ella Eyre 44
Soup Lumoshiland Lumoshiland American Quartet, 4th Movement by Dvořák 39
Supaku Supaku King Rat by Modest Mouse 39
Lumogoniaaaa Lumogonia Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra 37
Fairpines flag Arcadia Kiss On My List by Hall & Oates 31
PartsUnknown Oluapland Dinosaur Laser Fight by Ninja Sex Party 25
Minifraca Flag Minifraca Basket Case by Green Day 23
Dolphin and Endred Islands Dolphin and Endred Islands Jurassic Park Theme Song from Jurassic Park 22

June 2015 Rikaceti

In June, Osirisvision took place in Rikaceti, particularly in its largest city of Zuigrada. This edition was won by Vallveve with 77 points, over ten points than the second place contestant.

Country Song Points
[[|link=|25x25px]] Vallveve Pity Party by Melanie Martinez 77
IllusiaFlag Illusia Fools Paradise by Dirtcaps // Rochelle 63
MariniaFlag Marinia Superstar by Broods 62
FlagofDongolia Dongolia Kill Your Heroes by AWOLNATION 53
Flag of Soupistan Soupistan Berlin by Airport Impressions 49
Rikaceti flag Rikaceti Running With The Wolves by AURORA 48
Fairpines flag Arcadia Are You What You Wanna Be by Foster the People 46
Foxaria Foxaria Little Talks by Of Monsters And Men 46
Minifraca Flag Minifraca A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton 44
HammichFlag Hammich Why Try by Ariana Grande 34
Lumogoniaaaa Lumogonia Reflektor by Arcade Fire 26
Soup Lumoshiland Lumoshiland St. Paul's Suite: Jig by Gustav Holst 21
Troninion flag Troninion Out of Control by MAN WITH A MISSION // Zebrahead 19
PartsUnknown Oluapland 96 Quite Bitter Beings by CkY 17
Dolphin and Endred Islands Dolphin and Endred Islands Actus Dei by Scorebuzz Music 14
Supaku Supaku Good Morning Captain by Slint 5

June 2015 Vallveve

In the second half of June 2015, Osirisvision took place back in Vallveve, as the first edition did, this time in its largest city of Lilireath. This edition was, once again, won by Rikaceti, making it the only country yet to win more than once at this point.

Country Song Points
Rikaceti flag Rikaceti sea castle by Purity Ring 68
MariniaFlag Marinia Trouble (Stripped) by Halsey 63
Flag of Soupistan Soupistan Up in the Sky by 77 Bombay Street 61
Foxaria Foxaria Immortals by Fall Out Boy 51
[[|link=|25x25px]] Vallveve Little White Lies by Florrie 50
HammichFlag Hammich Bright by Echosmith 48
RocklandiaFlag Rocklandia Counting Stars by OneRepublic 48
Sketchiria Flag Sketchiria Now by Paramore 42
Neodarkloria Neo Darkloria Amsterdam by Imagine Dragons 35
IllusiaFlag Illusia Zero Gravity by Borgeous // Lights 33
PartsUnknown Oluapland Salted Fish-Guts Melody from Splatoon 33
Hopearma Hopearma Off to Sleep by Cœur de Pirate 30
Troninion flag Troninion Disaster Heart by I Fight Dragons 29
FlagofDongolia Dongolia Cough Syrup by Young the Giant 26
Faerania Faerania Reptilia by The Strokes 26
Supaku Supaku Joan of Arc by Arcade Fire 20
Soup Lumoshiland Lumoshiland Blue Ridge Run by Alan Lee Silva 15
Logislet flag Logislet Bad Reputation by Joan Jett 14
PacistanFlag Pacistan Fiber Bundles by Animusic 10

July 2015 Rikaceti

The next edition took place in Kyñaka, Rikaceti. The winner was Marinia.

Country Song Points
MariniaFlag Marinia Oh No! by Marina and the Diamonds 90
[[|link=|25x25px]] Vallveve Rumour by Chlöe Howl 64
Troninion flag Troninion Ready to Go by Panic! At The Disco 64
FlagofDongolia Dongolia Thief by Imagine Dragons 58
Flag of Soupistan Soupistan Reflections by MisterWives 46
LockinstonFlag Lockinston Kangaroo Court by Capital Cities 46
Dohanaflag Dohana Don't Stop Me Now by Queen 43
Sketchiria Flag Sketchiria KABOOM! by I Fight Dragons 42
Fairpines flag Arcadia Summer Nights by Florrie 36
Rikaceti flag Rikaceti Say You Love Me by Jessie Ware 32
IllusiaFlag Illusia I Love It When You Cry by Steve Aoki // Moxie Raia 29
Supaku Supaku Cherry Lips by Garbage 28
HammichFlag Hammich Scream My Name by Tove Lo 27
PartsUnknown Oluapland Smoke and Mirrors from WWE 27
PandoriaFlag Pandoria Bang Bang You're Dead by Hannah Georgas 23
Hopearma Hopearma Cherry Wine by Hozier 17
Logislet flag Logislet Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins 16
Flag of Yoshitopia Yoshitopia Verdammte Welt by Frei.Wild 15

July 2015 Marinia

Osirisvision took place in Ḿentâja, in Marinia, during the second half of July. It was won by Troninion.

Country Song Points
Troninion flag Troninion I Miss You by blink-182 73
MariniaFlag Marinia Let Go For Tonight by Foxes 58
Rikaceti flag Rikaceti Buzzcut Season by Lorde 50
[[|link=|25x25px]] Vallveve You (Ha Ha Ha) by Charli XCX 49
Sketchiria Flag Sketchiria Magic by Mystery Skulls 44
FlagofDongolia Dongolia Fat Lip by Sum 41 44
Flag of Soupistan Soupistan C'était Salement Romantique by Cœur de Pirate 40
Flag of Yoshitopia Yoshitopia Unvergessen Unvergänglich Lebenslänglich by Frei.Wild 34
Dohanaflag Dohana I Want It All by Queen 32
LockinstonFlag Lockinston Smiles and Tears from Earthbound 30
PartsUnknown Oluapland Do You Feel Like We Do by Peter Frampton (Psymbionic Remix) 28
Viceblaze Viceblaze Catgroove by Parov Stelar 21
Novatopiatropica Flag Novascotiatopiatropica The Viper Death from Game of Thrones 4

August 2015 Troninion

During the first half of August, Osirisvision took place in Troninion.

Country Song Points
Hopearma Hopearma The Mother We Share by CHVRCHES 71
Flag of Soupistan Soupistan Kings by The Pierces 55
Rikaceti flag Rikaceti Angel With A Shotgun by The Cab 51
MariniaFlag Marinia Wasteland by VÉRITÉ 50
Troninion flag Troninion Heads Up, Hearts Down by I Fight Dragons 42
[[|link=|25x25px]] Vallveve Colors by VÉRITÉ 39
FlagofDongolia Dongolia Breaking Up My Bones by Vinyl Theatre 39
IllusiaFlag Illusia Battle Cry by Angel Haze // Sia 38
PandoriaFlag Pandoria Mine by Phoebe Ryan 34
Neodarkloria Neo Darkloria Can't Feel My Face by The Weeknd 34
PartsUnknown Oluapland This Fire Burns by Killswitch Engage 30
RemonRoyalCoast Remon Royal Coast This Girl is Mine by Michael Jackson // Paul McCartney 25
ExotoroFlag Exorthica Rusty Nails by Moderat 24
Novatopiatropica Flag Novascotiatopiatropica Dum Dee Dum by Keys N Krate (JiKay Remix) 11
Foxaria Foxaria Balloons by MandoPony 10
Viceblaze Viceblaze Lives in the Balance by Jackson Browne 6
LockinstonFlag Lockinston Papaoutai by Stromae DQ

August 2015 Hopearma

During the second half of August, Osirisvision took place in Hopearma. It was won by Marinia.

Country Song Points
MariniaFlag Marinia Hold Me Down by Halsey 58
[[|link=|25x25px]] Vallveve Cry Baby by Melanie Martinez 50
Hopearma Hopearma Wings by Delta Goodrem 46
HammichFlag Hammich Love Myself by Hailee Steinfeld 44
Novatopiatropica Flag Novascotiatopiatropica I Was Made For Loving You by Tori Kelly // Ed Sheeran 40
Rikaceti flag Rikaceti Frame of Mind by Tristam & Braken 39
Troninion flag Troninion Rumor Mill by We Are The In Crowd 38
Viceblaze Viceblaze The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy 37
Faerania Faerania begin again by Purity Ring 30
Foxaria Foxaria I Can't Decide by Scissor Sisters 26
Flag of Yoshitopia Yoshitopia Deine Zeit by Seeed 13

September 2015

In September of 2015, Osirisvision took place in Marinia. It was won by Vallveve. It was also the last edition to be hosted under Osirisvision being a biweekly competition, before it became a monthly competition.

Country Song Points
[[|link=|25x25px]] Vallveve Wings by Birdy 61
MariniaFlag Marinia Colors by Halsey 54
HammichFlag Hammich Queen Of Peace by Florence + The Machine // Sally Herbert 52
Novatopiatropica Flag Novascotiatopiatropica Hurricane by Halsey 51
Flag of Soupistan Soupistan My Silver Lining by First Aid Kit 43
Angelia Flag Angelia Beggin by Madcon 37
Rikaceti flag Rikaceti Maia by Kyla La Grange 34
Flag of Yoshitopia Yoshitopia American Jesus by Bad Religion 34
Foxaria Foxaria Soap by Melanie Martinez 33
Troninion flag Troninion Sonic Reducer by Saves The Day 14
Viceblaze Viceblaze Nightwave by Jordan F 13

October 2015

Osirisvision took place in Vallveve, for the third time, in October 2015. It was won by Soupistan. The voting format was changed, to coincide with that of Eurovision, and has so far remained the same.

Country Song Points
Flag of Soupistan Soupistan Speak Out Now by Oh Land 82
Foxaria Foxaria Warriors by Imagine Dragons 76
MariniaFlag Marinia Bubblegum Bitch by Marina and the Diamonds 64
Novatopiatropica Flag Novascotiatopiatropica Here by Alessia Cara 64
Hopearma Hopearma Fire and the Flood by Vance Joy 63
[[|link=|25x25px]] Vallveve To the Hills by Laurel 60
Rikaceti flag Rikaceti Stitches by Shawn Mendes 51
Viceblaze Viceblaze On Melancholy Hill by Gorillaz 47
HammichFlag Hammich Never Forget You by MNEK // Zara Larsson 46
Troninion flag Troninion Anthem by Zebrahead 29
Flag of Yoshitopia Yoshitopia Fallen by Volbeat 23
Logislet flag Logislet The Power of Love by Frankie Goes To Hollywood 17
Neodarkloria Neo Darkloria Tear In My Heart by twenty one pilots DQ

November 2015

During November of 2015, Osirisvision took place in Soupistan for the first time. Marinia and Rikaceti tied for second, and Marinia won through a tiebreaker based off to which of the two each country gave most points to in their separate votes.

Country Song Points
MariniaFlag Marinia Ship To Wreck by Florence + The Machine 90
Rikaceti flag Rikaceti Better Love by Foxes 90
[[|link=|25x25px]] Vallveve Beggin For Thread by BANKS 85
Hopearma Hopearma Pumpin Blood by NONONO 81
Dohvakia Flag Dohvakia New Americana by Halsey 79
HammichFlag Hammich Lost And Found by Ellie Goulding 78
Flag of Soupistan Soupistan Up We Go by LIGHTS 77
IllusiaFlag Illusia War Paint by FLETCHER (Young Bombs Remix) 48
Faerania Faerania Heartful Cry from Persona 3 44
LockinstonFlag Lockinston Megalovania from Undertale 41
Troninion flag Troninion Money (Live) by I Fight Dragons 39
Novatopiatropica Flag Novascotiatopiatropica Jealous by Labrinth 39
Logislet flag Logislet Until We Bleed by Kleerup // Lykke Li 33
PartsUnknown Oluapland Afterlife by Amaranthe 30
Foxaria Foxaria Eye of the Pyramid by Will Champlain 17

December 2015

Country Song Points
PartsUnknown Oluapland Skyfall by Adele 87
[[|link=|25x25px]] Vallveve Arm's Length by Kacy Hill 84
Dohvakia Flag Dohvakia Savages by Marina and the Diamonds 82
Rikaceti flag Rikaceti Tous Les Mêmes by Stromae 76
MariniaFlag Marinia Figure 8 by Ellie Goulding 75
Troninion flag Troninion Alien for Christmas by I Fight Dragons 64
Flag of Soupistan Soupistan This Is The Life by Amy Macdonald 62
Hopearma Hopearma Send My Love (To Your New Lover) by Adele 55
Flag of Yoshitopia Yoshitopia Punk Rock Song by Bad Religion 51
HammichFlag Hammich Bang My Head by David Guetta // Sia // Fetty Wap 46
Novatopiatropica Flag Novascotiatopiatropica The Feeling by Justin Bieber // Halsey 46
IllusiaFlag Illusia Karate by Anne-Marie 42
Dohanaflag Dohana Princes of the Universe by Queen 42
Logislet flag Logislet I Hate Myself For Loving You by Joan Jett 39
Viceblaze Viceblaze My Momma Said by Aqua 38
Sketchiria Flag Sketchiria Holy Diver by Dio 30
Lumogoniaaaa Lumogonia When I Was A Boy by Electric Light Orchestra 20
LockinstonFlag Lockinston Me Myself and I by De La Soul DQ

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