2015 August Summer Osirislympics
Host city TBA
Nations participating 47
Opening Ceremony August 8
Closing Ceremony August 14

The 2015 August Summer Osirislympics is the first edition of the Osirislympics, set in a yet to be announced host city. It is going to happen during August 8 to August 14 and it is the first big multi-sport event in Osiris. It is being organized by the Lockinston Sports Organization (LSO). 47 countries are going to participate and 5 have expressed their interest in hosting the event.

Bidding process

The deadline for the bidding process is set to be August 3rd, 2015. Currently, five countries have submitted their bids to host the event.

If you want to submit your bidding, click here.

Opening & Closing Ceremony


Participating countries



Medal table



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