Oshtyo's Village is a short Fan Fiction about what happened to Oshtyo before Fantendo Silence. It is part of Fantendo Silence: Beyond. (Fantendo Silence created by JesseRoo) Oshtyo's Village is written by 1337doom.

Day One

Oshtyo is a Meer Hue (a strange species) growing up in a small village of Meer Hues. This is his point of view of the day he left the village.

I wake up. I'm tired. I jump out of bed and fall through the cheap floor into the kitchen. Everyones gone out to go to the market. Fools. I've decided to leave this village, so they probably won't see me. But that's OK. It's better they don't notice me, anyway. Time to leave. I run past the dirt, careful not to trip over a rock. I'm getting more tired every second. The city gate looms in front of me. I go forward. I'm out. I'm ready. Here I go.

Meer Hues Are Peaceful

Meer Hues are peaceful. Everyone knows that. So it came of no surprise that everyone was scared when Oshtyo left the village. Really, other Meer Hues left before, but Oshtyo was never taught the Meer Hue way. Everyone worried for Oshtyo. However, someone quickly pointed out the Oshtyo-shaped shadow on the hill in the north. On top was a shadow of a small creature, later found out to be a Meer Hue named Icklezine. Finally, one other person, another Meer Hue named Frito, was with him. Everyone knew that it was alright-they were Meer Hues. And Meer Hues are peaceful.

Next chapter: Frito is stolen

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