The redesign by Exotoro.

Oshtyo is a meer hue who is very defiant and can easily be tempted by darkness. That mask on his head is NOT a mask, it's his best friend Icklezine on his head. He is the only "Original Omegaverse" characters that Omegaverse Corp. didn't get rid of.


Oshtyo's Village

Oshtyo's Village is the story of his origin.

Kirby Dimension Gate

Oshtyo was supposed to be a boss twice and a playable character in Kirby Dimension Gate, however he was cut.

Vibrant Night

Oshtyo is a playable character in Vibrant Night.

Dead End

Oshtyo is a playable character on the Fantendo side in Dead End.

Fantendo Origins

Oshtyo appears in a few Fantendo Origins games, only in the Noon timeline.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered

Oshtyo receives a redesign in this game, like most of the old characters. He now wears a mask to reflect the death of his friend and overall his costume was redesigned to look overall less silly. He attacks with dark magic that creates giant spores that spread more through out the stage if not destroyed, and a telepathic pull.


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