Sailor Oshelia
Current Age 18
Date of Birth February 16
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
Frink (father)

Cherry (mother) Apple (older sister)

Aquatic animals, sea lions, beaches, hanging with Scotch or Syande, swimming, her family, croissants, tea, scarves, the "cool" colors (Blue, Green, Purple), her spiky hair, pasta of any kind, getting massages, going scuba-diving, Syande's humor (sometimes)
Arachnids (except scorpions), Snickers, pineapples, others being jealous of her, war, stress
Main Weapon(s) None
Height 5'3"
Strife (by Snickers)
First Appearance General's Journey
Oshelia Cordelia Eau is one of various playable characters in General's Journey, and is one of the most important characters within it. She is a sailor from the town of Naxaz and was born to Frink and Cherry Eau. She is a fighter for world peace and does whatever she can to ensure that it will happen at some point. Despite her role as a member of Scotch's crew, she strongly despises war and only fights so that it can all end. Oshelia has the strange ability to use water and ice to her advantage, able to generate it from her hands and use it in battle, or morph into water to make quick escapes.

Physical Description

Oshelia is the shortest person in the group at 5'3". She wears a sailor dress and has yellow hair flowing down the sides of her head. She wears a valuable white scarf around her neck. She can transform into a mermaid or morph into water. In the case of the former, she gains a long, scaly green tail in place of her legs. At times, she'll wear a blue beret and a red scarf when she's going out.


Out of everyone in the Vinegar Troops, Oshelia is outright the most caring and thoughtful person in the group, rarely showing signs of malevolence or anger, generally being a happy-go-lucky person. At first she appeared to be child-like and refused to engage in battle at all, but has grown a strong sense of maturity over the course of General's Journey and is a fearless woman, although she still displays extreme fear towards spiders and prefers to not go near any of them.


Oshelia can create water from the palms of her hands and fire it in strong pulses or as high-pressure blasts. Her water is always purified and clean, making it safe for human contact/consumption. She can control the temperature of her body freely thanks to her physical make-up, which can have her fire water of different temperatures. If she is angered, her water jets are extremely hot and hurt to touch, but if she's sad, she fires beams of ice instead.

Relationship with Other Characters




The two were initially the best of friends despite differing personalities, and they both matured together over the course of General's Journey. Oshelia thinks Scotch is incredibly charismatic and knows how to handle the tides of battle very well, and is satisfied with the fact that Scotch only does wars to end wars. In turn, Scotch sees Oshelia as a fine young lady and protects her with all her can, always getting really angry when she gets hurt. If Scotch in turn is hurt in any way by someone she knows, she will send off his attacker with jets of boiling water.


Even though she's aware of Snickers' softer side, she still displays pure hatred towards him and does not enjoy his presence. She trusts him the least out of anyone in the entire group, and always does the opposite of what Snickers wants to do. Because of how she treats him, Snickers does not like her either and has threatened constantly to destroy her and take her life. Oshelia prefers to not clash with him, but it just tends to happen sometimes. The way these two act are one of many reasons why Scotch and Snickers have an on-going rivalry and a really heated history.



  • Her name was originally Oshian, but the creator changed it because he though Oshelia sounded a lot better.
  • Oshelia is only one of two in the gang of ten that does not consider herself to be part of the team, the other being Xtise.
  • Oshelia's favorite candy flavor is caramel.  By coincidence, caramel also happens to be the last name of her boyfriend, Scotch.  Whether or not this is intentional has yet to be known by mankind.
  • If you remove Oshelia's cap, it is revealed that she has spiky hair.