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501Oshawott 2

"Oshawott shell-cuts!" (Introduction tagline)

Oshawott, the funny and tiny starter from the Generation 5 is ready! He is fast and agile but he can also perform some good combos to make the opponents in a disadvantage condition! He is a speedster character and his main element is Water.

Special Moves

Standard Special: Scald. Oshawott splits some hot water which inflicts 16% of damage. This move has also Fire effects!

Side Special: Water Pulse. Oshawott makes a little water sphere which traps the opponents, inflicting them 8% of damage and traps them for 4 seconds.

Up Special: Razor Shell. With his shell, Oshawott spins three times and jumps high! Each spin inflicts 7% of damage.

Down Special: Swords Dance. Oshawott does a strange dance which increase the damage of the moves of the 0.5% (for example, Scald inflicts 24% of damage) for 9 seconds.

Final Smash: Torrent. Oshawott becomes invulnerable for 17 seconds and his move's damage is double!

Unlock Criteria

  • Swim for 10 minutes outside the Story Mode
  • Win the Classic Mode with Pikachu, Lucario and Charizard.
  • Have him join in Story Mode.

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