Oh, man, what a plot twist? You, green one, are my grandfather from the future!...and my father isn't even close to a grown man.

Oscargen the Teddy Bear
Current Age 5
Gender Male
Species Teddy Bear
Location Western Forest
Current Status Alive
Teddy Bears
Family and Relations
Ashe (father)

Bowie (grandfather)

Flare (grandmother)

Vulnerable To Wind
Voice Actor(s)
Dan Green
First Appearance BowieQuest α

Oscargen is a major character of the BowieQuest series.  He is said to have come from the future as his is in great peril and is seeking refuge in the past. His element is darkness, and often uses it in twisted ways.



Game Appearances




Oscargen is a small child that is often bent on creating the most brilliant creations ever made. Often, he uses his machines for his own purposes, but sometimes allows the others to use them to help themselves. His brain is said to rival that of Endal's, which leads up to the fact that Oscargen is smart.



The two seem to get along quite well.


Oscargen never had much of a liking for his grandfather, as in the future Ashe is an evil man bent on freezing time and momentum. He does somewhat like his grandfather in the present, as he is a fun man that uses his powers for fun.


Oscargen loves his grandmother with all his heart, and is willing to do any work for her to please her, as she is housing the young bear.


Oscargen isn't very fond of Windi, but does seem to get along with her.


The two share no interest into each other.


Past, present and future, the two have always been bitter enemies. Sometimes out of gullibility, Oscargen helps Endal out with some of his technology.



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