Full Name Orthex
Current Age 28
Date of Birth 4688 AD
Gender Male
Species Kolu
Location Saoevis
The Coatl
First Appearance Diamond Order
Latest Appearance Diamond Order
Orthex is a playable character in Diamond Order, and a Kolu warrior who was raised amongst the Coatl of the planet Saoevis.


Orthex's ancestors were the sole survivors of a ship which crashed on the planet Saoevis generations ago. They were adopted into the Coatl society, but were unable to sustain a Kolu population on the planet (as they did not wish to resort to incest). Orthex was the last Kolu born on the planet.

Both of his parents died while he was a child, due to the inherent dangerousness of Saoevis (mostly due to it's exotic wildlife). As such, he spent a large portion of his life being raised by the Coatl, and developed a fighting style which emulated the serpentine movements of the Coatl while also making use of the Kolu's natural abilities.

In 4713 AD, Saoevis was invaded by space pirates who intended to set up an outpost; Orthex lead the Coatl's defense, and managed to secure one of the pirate's ships undamaged. He managed to arrange communications between Saoevis and nearby colonies, to organize trade routes via Saoevis (as products from many of the creatures the Coatl hunted were very valuable) and other mutually beneficial arrangements for the Coatl.

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