The sins crawl around this land of Cornell, and you are the source of it!

Orphan is the primary villain in "Sword of the fal'Cie". She is the source of all the power in Cocoon. Eventually, she is killed and reborn as Orphan EG.

Folder4000 Orphan
Full Name Orphan
Current Age 1,000
Gender Female
Location Orphan's Cradle/Seraphic Gate
Current Status Deceased
Class Final Boss/Superboss
Main Weapon(s) Magic
Ability/ies Vile Exploitation, Merciless Judgment, Dies Irae, Necrosis, Consummate Light, Consummate Dark, Progenitorial Wrath, Doom
Vulnerable To None
Orphana; Orphan EG
First Appearance Final Fantasy XIII (PS3; X360)
Latest Appearance SPP RPG: The Darkness Returns (Wii; DS)


Orphan is voiced by Michael Sinterniklaas. It is kind of ironic that Michael Sinterniklaas voices this character because the character is female and the actor is male. The voice actor for this character voiced Seviper on Pokemon. Leonardo on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and even Torunka in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.


Orphan takes the appearance of a wheel-like deity. She appears to have the face of a human. When revived as Orphan EG, she takes the same appearance of her weakened form in FFXIII.


Orphan is the primary source of the power of Cocoon. As a result, Barthandelus, a fellow fal'Cie intended to kill her and summon the Creator.

Peach was the only one capable of killing Orphan because she had the holy blade Ragnarok. At the end of the game, Peach challenges Dysley/Barthandelus to a duel in Orphan's Cradle: the Nascent Heart.

Dysley was assimilated as Orphan's shell with his owl, Minerva. He wanted to kill Peach , her friends, and Orphan to summon the Creator.

After a lot of talking, Orphan's true form was revived, she has the same idealologies as Dysley. She wanted to be killed all along. Peach defeats Orphan and kills her.

Years later, she is revived as Orphan EG
Orphan EG

Orphan EG

. Peach finds her lying in the depths of the Seraphic Gate. Orphan has gained new powers. After a very long fight, Orphan eventually dies for good this time.


Orphan takes her name from the word orphan (meaning a child whom his/her parents have died). She also takes her appearance from the mythical creature Ophan (or Ophanim).


  • There is some speculation over what Orphan's gender is. SPP RPG: TDR officially confirms the character to be female.
  • Orphan EG has some of the highest HP in the Super Princess Peach series (100,000.000 HP)
  • Orphan EG has the same difficulty as Queen Larsa or Mr. Dream