Orlockron the Rune Guardian
Date of Birth Around 1990
Gender Male
Species Rune Guardian
Align Neutral
Current Status Unknown
Ability/ies Disabling machines
Vulnerable To Taser
Height Average
Weight Very Heavy
Sexuality Robot
Series Several Nights at Fierce's
Orlockron the Rune Guardian is one of the animatronics in Several Nights at Fierce's. He is also known as WheelProto.


As Orlockron

Orlockron is a rather strange "animatronic". He actually represents an inanimate object. He seems to be made of grey bricks as well as a glowing cyan material. His base is a cube that ends in a trapezoid-like shape. There are two holes in that base for the animatronic's eyes. It is also on wheels. On top of the base is a cyan tube that leads to a gigantic eye made out of grey bricks. It has a cyan iris and a cat-like pupil that is black. The cyan parts appear to be slightly transparent. The eye has a cyan ring around it.

As WheelProto

While they are the same character, WheelProto is very different from Orlockron. He isn't much other then a grey metal cube, with two black circles for eyes and two pairs of wheels.


Orlockron (and WheelProto) can disable machines, just like the other animatronics. He's sentient, like the others. Orlockron was made to be as solid as possible, beign even more solid then the others. It is possible he might not even be infected by the virus infecting the other animatronics.


Orlockron is a polite and passive character, as shown in the Fierce's Foods theater show. He seems to like riddles.





  • Orlockron probably can't see from his "big eye". Looking at the tube connecting the animatronic itself to the eye, you cannot see anything like wires or metal inside.
  • It is possible Orlockron survived the fire at the end of the second game, seeing as he was made to be as solid as possible. He has not been seen yet, however.
  • Orlockron is considered a male. Despite him beign an inanimate object (he doesn't moves in the show), the spirit that posseses him in the theater show is male.
  • Orlockron's simple design make his adventure version look nearly (if not) identical. This also applies to WheelProto.
  • WheelProto used to look a bit more complicated. It was made of a cylinders with wheels, with half of a cube on top of it. The cube part had the eyes on it.
  • His appearance in A Fierce World appears to spin his "big eye", even through it cannot do so in the main series.