The Origiverse (Original the Universe, do not steal) is an alternative version of the Fantendoverse, existing in the Fantendo Multiverse. It is known to possibly have fallen into the Limbovoid, due to there being little to no universal laws, paradoxes being a daily occurance, the inhabitents are all rather... strange, but do not steal.


Sonic Origins

Fantendo Do Not Steal

Mario Mario

Legend of Somebody

Finneish and Verb

Korby's Quest



  • Fan the Boy: Fan the Boy enjoys vidya games! He'll play them all night and day, and when he gets on his Laptop of Creation, he shall unleash his OCs (ORIGINAL CHARACTERS DO NOT STEAL) onto the Origiverse.
  • Door the Enemy: Door the Enemy is the ultimate foe in the Origiverse. He shall make sure that you are hit on the way out, and sometimes uses the Laptop of Creation to make more doors to invade while Fan the Boy is getting snacks.


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