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Origin Base

Origin Hyper

Origin Casual

Origin's various apperances
Gender Male
Class First Beorn
Forgotten Memory
Surviving Beorn</tabber>
First Appearance TBA

Origin is the First Beorn of the species created by The Fan. By definition he has also existed as a variety of uncategorized species that progressed through an accelerated evolution, thanks to The Fan which lead to the Beorn Species. Origin was able to accept this change upon himself and understood his importance to The Fan's plan. He is one of the few Beorns to survive the destruction of Zeon however had long since been absent from it to the point of being merely a name uttered by few.


Origin, unlike his many fellow Beorns did not start out as a Beorn but rather went through a highly accelerated evolution by The Fan that changed his appearance drastically. Once he'd reached the current Beorn appearance, The Fan gifted him with the promise of immortal memory, as he would never be forgotten. As other Beorns were created, Origin acted as the link between The Fan and the Beorns introducing them to the world they lived on, Zeon and the importance of The Fan.

When Beorns achieved the ability to Judge those who could and could not ascend, Origin became known by the alias, The White Judge a term due to Origin's unwilling to condemn to destruction and would instead limit the power of an ascended creature. Origin was therefore often paired with another Beorn who went by the alias of, the Black Judge, another Beorn who would harshly condemn those who were not worthy to the point of ruthlessness. The two would often work together to judge the most powerful beings and soon become close friends. Origin never learnt the name of the Black Judge as he was soon contacted by an unknown voice explaining to him that there was an impending doom soon approaching Zeon of unknown origin and that Origin must survive the disaster. Origin asked the voice what becomes of the other Beorns and the voice explains that there are an uncertain number of Beorns still alive however no matter what Origin would do, he would be unable to save any of them.

Origin initially denied this and in hopes of protecting his fellow Beorns built a device with the Black Judge called the Ark Revenant that was able to perfect Zeon's planetary conditions completely removing risk of an natural disaster, it also complimented this by using the energy recieved from these natural disasters to create a field around Beorn that would detect foreign objects and prevent them from destroying Zeon. However Origin began to see on other planets the destruction caused through man-made disasters such as war, disease & famine. Fearing for this Origin attempted to increase the Ark Revenant with the Black Judge however in a twisted turn of events in hopes of protecting his close friend, Origin accidentally caused the device to go into overload and explode, in the instant of the explosion, Origin shielded the Black Judge from the explosion, however in doing so he was encased in a material simply referred to as the Unknown Cosmic. The Black Judge however faced a worse fate as he was killed due to cell degeneration.

Origin, encased in the Unknown Cosmic was left in a state of complete mental shutdown. He was proclaimed dead and by orders of The Fan was to be jettisoned into Space as per Origin's will. However the trajectory that Origin was sent on glitched and had his encased body transported into a Great Black Cosmic Hole, a nth Dimension wormhole capable of destroying all forms of matter, anti-matter, time, space & possibilities. While many believed this to be his ultimate destruction, upon Origin reaching the event horizon of the Great Black Cosmic Hole the Unknown Cosmic that encased him reacted with the nth Dimension Wormhole causing it to implode and transporting Origin to an unknown plane of existence, a mystery to even the Beorns and the Fan.

With no other options, Origin wandered for an unknown amount of time, pondering his existence, his powers, his purpose and his death. However he soon came to conclude that none of this mattered as he didn't age, hunger or thirst in this dimension. He was soon again contacted by the voice that told him of the impending doom, telling him that he was in the Final Dimension a realm so complex that it is both everything and nothing across all time and space with every possible past, present and future involved all into one. With this explained, Origin questions his existence in the dimensions to which the voice explains that there had only ever been one Origin, there was never another Origin across all space, time, realities and unrealities. Origin could exist in any dimension as he was by definition an instant and only an instant. The voice continued stating that Origin would not be able to return to his dimension until he had witnessed everything, the voice continued, explaining that in the Final Dimension as well as many dimensions lower than it, Origin would be able to simply think into existence things. With this Origin thought of a view of the universe and watched everything occur in everyway possible and what he saw was that he never occured and yet occured at the same time.

Origin soon came to grasp the very importance of his being in the Final Dimension. At this time he watched over and over and over again the destruction of Zeon. he witnessed the same few Beorn escape, he questioned why this was to which the voice explained that the destruction of Zeon is a fixed event in the Final Dimension and would therefore occur in every dimension below it, similar to how anything that occured in the third dimension as a fixed event must occur in the second dimension. Origin soon began to notice something from the Ark Revenant destruction, he watched it an infinite amount of times and realized that there was a portal created by this explosion that allowed Origin to exit the Final Dimension, the voice contacted him again explaining that the portal would return Origin back to his dimension however it would take him to the point after the fixed events occured meaning that Origin would survive the destruction of Zeon however would as the Voice had told him before, be unable to save anyone.

Origin accepting this fate, entered the portal and returned to the universe. He knew that he was no longer a known entity and merely a being in the universe. He believed his best option would be to search for The Fan and The Enemy to find answers, however he quickly realized that the Universe he was in was not like anything he had encountered. The timelines were converging and shattering, unsure of what to make of it, Origin decided to keep himself hidden from the shattering through cloaking. He watched as the Shattering occured and soon was greeted by the Voice again. It explained to him that the events about to unfold would cause Origin to cease any form of existence and had Origin return to the Final Dimension.

Origin continued to watch as many things came to pass, however the voice soon contacted him and explaining that the ongoing war between The Fan, The Enemy and The Threat was going to destroy everything, Origin was told to return to the Universe once more and upon returning accidentally ran into Bob, Bob explained how he'd never met the creature Origin had disguised himself as before and wondered if Origin was allied with The Fan and The Enemy or The Threat. Origin quickly dismissed the accusation and stated that he was not fighting for either side. Bob was confused as he stated that any being from either universe whether good or evil was fighting. Origin the explained that he just wasn't a fighter and left, leaving Bob confused.

Origin returned to Zeon to search for any possible ways to change what happened, however while searching the debris that remained of the planet, he came across parts of the Ark Revenant, looking inside he found a mysterious orb that he did not recall being a part of the machine, however just as he began to analyse, a mysterious group of aliens ambush him causing him to retreat. Luckily Origin was able to hold onto the orb however and is again contacted by the voice that explains to him that the orb will show it's power when the time had come and tells Origin to quickly hurry to the border between the two universes as the final battle is reaching its climax. Unbeknownst to Origin, Bob had stowawayed in Origin's Ship. Approaching the battle, Origin kept out into the middle of the two armies yelling for the deities to stop, the deities were confused as Origin was not showing resonance with either universe, however Bob quickly ran out of Origin's Ship exclaiming that he'd forgotten the orb, quickly jetting towards Origin who was surprised to see Bob, however Bob foolishly tripped (somehow in space) and knocked into Origin, temporarily dazing him. The three deities dismiss the duo and charge in ahead of their armies.

As the three deities were about to clash with each other, Origin reawakened and suddenly let loose the Great Black Cosmic Hole pulling the three deities, Origin and Bob in along with everything in the two colliding universes, in addition the shattered Fantendoverse is also absorbed and on the way into the Great Black Cosmic Hole; Origin sees Clockwarx forming from the shattered Fantendoverse and Bob nearby, he grabs onto the two and charges head on into the trio of deities. The six collide and everything goes black, Origin, Bob and Clockwarx wake up finding themselves in a complete void. Clockwarx, confused on why he was there while Bob is just confused. The three hear the voices of The Fan, The Enemy & The Threat who explain that the Great Black Cosmic Hole was an nth dimension weapon capable of resetting the Beyond Final Dimension. They tell Origin, Bob and Clockwarx that they will be the only three beings in the Universe Present that will remember the Universes Past. They explain that the Universe Present contains both The Fan's and The Enemy's universe as well as The Threat's universe. Clockwarx questions what will become of him and the deities explain that he is no longer a manifestation of the shattering and can choose what he wants to do.

Origin was then briefly taken to the Final Dimension where the voice that Origin kept hearing revealed itself to be a being called the Overseer a being who has dwelled in the Final Dimension since the beginning he explains that while Bob and Clockwarx will be returned to their time, he will send Origin to before the destruction of Zeon. Origin thanks the Overseer before returning. Upon arriving back on Zeon he is greeted by the Black Judge who asks what he was doing out in the fields. He states to the Black Judge that they've known each other for so long and yet he doesn't know her name. She tells him her name is Destiny and asks him if there's something wrong as he seems unsettled, he asks Destiny if she knows of a device called an Ark Revenant, she responds saying that's the first time anyone had ever mentioned anything like that to her. Origin continues explaining that he knows a disaster will soon strike Zeon and that they must build a vessel to carry all the Breons away. The two begin to spread the word and gather the help of many Beorns. Eventually the Beorns complete the space ship which Origin calls, Destination Unknown. As they make the final preparations for the approaching disaster Origin along with Destiny and several others prep the Beorns for the escape Plan.

However only one week after they completed the ship the disaster arrives. The Beorn in a controlled panic quickly head towards the ship, however Origin notices two Beorn carrying a large container, he goes over and the three Beorns are able to carry the container onto the ship, Origin has the ship perform a quick Organic Scan which confirms every Beorn is on the ship, it launches and the Beorns escape the doomed Zeon. Origin confronts the two Beorns whom he asks for their names, one stating they're called Kaio and the other stating they're called Unten, Origin staggers for a second and then asks them what was in the container to which the duo open it up revealing, Origin's orb inside. Origin looks at the orb and the heats the Overseer's voice again, who tells him the Orb has come to its purpose, it will send the Beorns to various planets in the hopes of sustaining the Beorn species, it continues, stating that Beorns will be able to contact each other despite the distance.

The Overseer continues stating that the energy from the orb will be dispersed into smaller orbs that will travel across the Universe looking for their wielder. The Overseer continues stating that the rest is up to Origin and how the Beorns decide to continue.


Often described as being Neutral yet Good at the same time. Origin has been often described as someone who knows everything yet acts like he knows nothing. He appears naive and calm most of the time however is truly incredibly intelligent and cunning capable of completely understanding someone based on a single action they make, while some say this is just him being judgemental, in reality he actually has witnessed so many variations of that person that there is nothing that would normally surprise him.

That being said, the complete unpredictability of the Hyper Orbs had brought life and emotions back into Origin making him the first to access Hyper Mode. It is not defined as to which emotion he used to unlock Hyper Mode however it was likely loss. After this event he once again shows his understanding towards all yet is compassionate and knows when to stop.


For nearly all games that Origin appears in he doesn't appear as a Beorn, he will usually be cloaked as another species and due to him being not remembered in Universe Past he still cloaks, likely to hide his Beorn form. He has appeared in most games primarily ones starring characters with Hyper Modes however doesn't appear in spin-offs of the Sport, Party or Racing genre.



Origin sees Destiny as a necessity to himself as she allows him to function properly as a Judge and be able to use his greatest potential in the situations. He also sees her as his closest friend due to their bound relationship, which left him temporarily scarred when she died in Universe Past. While initially seeing her as an opposite to him, when the two reunited in Universe Present he began to see similarities between the two of them and began to understand the irrelevance of Order and Chaos, Good and Evil, Beginning and End as they all became the same to him. Origin is aware of Destiny's infatuation for him as he has quickly picked up on Unten's remarks and personally holds similar feelings for her, he however attempts to keep the facade of them being "just friends", admittedly a lot better than Destiny can and is often willing to be hurt by others to protect her.

The Fan

Like many beings, Origin is friendly towards The Fan, mainly still seeing The Fan as his creator (despite also being the Fan's Creator). The Fan takes particular interest in trying to understand the things Origin says as well as how Origin came to be.

The Enemy

The Enemy mistakenly believes that Origin is unaware of what The Enemy does and attempts to trick Origin, however Origin always is able to reverse the roles causing The Enemy to consider Origin, his greatest question.


Like many Beorns, Unten and Origin know each other fairly well, Unten knowing Origin through the creation of the Destination Unkown while Origin knowing Unten from watching everything. Origin and Unten would soon meet up after the Universe Present Unten had repeated the Universe Past Unten's same adventures. Origin considers Unten a viable leader and often wonders why Unten hasn't considered trying to unite the Beorns again, to which Unten often questions why Origin hasn't done the same.


As with Unten, Netnu learnt of Origin through the development of the Destination Unknown while Origin knew Nentu from watching everything. Despite Netnu's villainous intentions the two get along well, primarily due to Origin saving Netnu from being completely converted to evil through the gamma radiation as his ship's hull was unable to initially protect them from the radiation.


Origin posesses a number of abilities that help protect him in various situations. His most identifiable ability are the Worms, a set 11 Cosmic Worms that allow Origin to see the universe from multiple locations as well as when combined with him access his most powerful forms of his abilities.

  • Water Morphing
  • Ice Manipulation
  • Nature Control
  • Shadow Casting
  • Poison Blades
  • Mental Strikes
  • Terra Control
  • Wind Morphing
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Metal Manipulation
  • Lightning Summon
  • Hyper Mode


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