Ordinary Mailman is a score-attack and objective based video game developed by TimeStrike and published by the same company for The V². Ordinary Mailman marks the debut of the mailman Frink, and focuses on that character as he delivers mail throughout his home town New York City, having to cope with a bunch of obstacles as he goes.

On the Zonar planet, Frink's goal is to deliver as much as mail as he possibly can until the universe dies out, utilizing the powers of time and age to help him accomplish such a task. As the game takes place before the births of various important Zaxinian Lifts characters, it is one of the first games chronologically, only preceded by Heztics and The Realm of Dreams.

Unlike most of TimeStrike's games, which are often platforming or fighting games, Ordinary Mailman takes a score-attack based route, similar to Simpsons: Road Rage, but also features objective based missions that take inspirations from those from Sonic Riders. Ordinary Mailman has simple to learn gameplay throughout all three of its modes; in the truck, on the bike, and on the run.


Frink's main gameplay often involves him in his truck, going around a third dimensional world and delivering mail to various houses across the streets of New York City. This sounds simplistic, and it really is, Frink has to just toss the mail to the houses and at least land it in their yards. However, depending on the day, a natural disaster or two will pop up as a hazard that Frink must avoid. Houses demolished by the disasters means less points for Frink to earn.

Frink will face a bunch of obstacles that appear on the road that he can destroy.  Depending on the obstacles he destroys, he can earn a number of points, larger obstacles giving more points.  By clearing lines of obstacles or enemies as combos, Frink can rack up extra points as bonus.  At the end of the day, the points are converted into USA CASH MONEY, the game's currency system.

In his truck, Frink is capable of using a multitude of weapons, often rocket launchers and bullet blasters. By firing these, he can take care of obstacles on the road or passerby, or even other vehicles. These are often used to aid Frink when he happens to get involved in a boss fight. Throughout the game, he can chose to purchase new weapons to upgrade his old ones or to try out uncharted territory.

Frink can also resort to his motorbike, where he has faster gameplay but he cannot use weapons, and has to resort to jumps on his bike. On the bike, Frink can drift and go up slopes much easier, and can drive across walls if he keeps a faster momentum. Because of the lack of weapons and a weaker defense, the motorbike is considered the "hard mode" of the usual game, but while this is the case, Frink can occasionally get off his bike and pick something up (like money), and he can't really do that from his truck.

Frink can also resort to just being on the run. While on the run, Frink can do a lot he couldn't on or in a vehicle, and is capable of sniping things with his sniper weapon as a means of offense and self defense. Frink can actually communicate with people and enter buildings and fight other people up close with his handbag, heavy and full of mail. While Frink being on the run is more of a fun thing, he is sometimes required to do this to enter more narrow areas or to get to higher areas than usual.

In all three modes, Frink is capable of reversing or speeding forward time. If he makes an error and falls off course, he can reverse time for at least ten seconds before having to recharge his time reversing ability. If he succeeds in reversing time as he falls off the course and makes it back to land, he can continue his current mission with no problems. Frink can also move forward time, which effectively makes him much faster but leaves him more vulnerable to falling off course.

Frink can also change his age and therefore physical appearance.  If he becomes a baby, he can fit through the tightest gaps and bounce higher than he can in his other ages.  If he becomes a kid, he's at his fastest and can use a lot of energy.  If he becomes a teenager, he's slower, but is capable of using firearms and can go into fits of rage to destroy a lot when he's hit too often.  If he becomes an adult, he's at average speed and he's at his tallest, and has enough intelligence to use about everything offered in the game.

Frink collects "USA CASH MONEY" in this game, coming as dollar bills, from $1 to $5 to $10 to $20 to $50 to $100. Using this money, he can purchase upgrades for weapons, his vehicle, his clothing, and his statistics, and can effectively grow stronger the more expensive items he buys. Additionally, he can purchase sandwiches to recover his health, different flavors of sandwiches bringing different effects.

As Frink goes, he can also collect items such as trophies and merchandise from off the ground, and profiles of other characters from across the Lifts for the player to read later. He can only collect these items if he is on his motorbike or if he is outside it. Once he takes an item, he'll place it into his handbag, and when he gets home, they'll be placed into his overstuffed cabinets for the player to view later.

When Frink delivers mail personally, he can get rewarded depending on how fast he got to that particular house.  He could earn a rare item at best times, a large award of USA CASH MONEY at real quick times, a moderate sized award at average times, and if he takes a while, his award is small.  People will throw the mail at his face as damage if Frink fails to get the mail anywhere on time.  If the latter of all these happens, you can just shove the mail in their face.

A round of Ordinary Mailman lasts for about an hour, the in-game time going from 8:00 to 20:00, twelve hours of work for Frink. Once the day ends, Frink will have to drive home before 8:30, and meet up with his wife. From there, the player's progress will be saved and their collected objects will be recorded and saved as well for the player to view in the gallery. Money saved goes into Frink's piggy bank for him to use in the future.

When the day is Sunday, Frink doesn't have to do any work. On Sundays, the player can go around and do as they desire, and do all the miscellaneous things they often aren't allowed to do in most video games. In some cases, the player will receive awards for their efforts. Miscellaneous things include "driving off boundaries", "sneaking through random passerby windows", "stealing from an old woman's fridge", and the like, fitting in with Frink's curious personality.

Frink doesn't necessarily have to be a mailman.  By working through the game, Frink can become a pizza delivery man, a milkman, or an Amazon deliverer, amongst others.  These have no real effect on gameplay but they change his workstation and the people he can talk there, and he can earn new and unique weapons that he can keep as he switches between jobs.

Ordinary Mailman hosts an achievements system, which has a bunch of tough-to-earn tasks for the player to do. By clearing these tasks, the player gets either prize money or a really rare item that can't be accessed any other way, and often helps improve the gameplay experience for him.


  • Left Thumbstick: Changes Frink's direction.
  • Right Thumbstick: Moves the camera.
  • Red Button: If held, Frink accelerates. (Vehicle) / Frink jumps. (Off-Vehicle) / Talk (Off-Vehicle; Near Passerby) / Confirm button. (Menus)
  • Green Button: Frink fires ammo from his weapons if he has any. (Gameplay) / Cancel button. (Menus)
  • Blue Button: Frink holds out a quick shield to deflect attacks. (Vehicle) / Frink holds a deflector. (Off-Vehicle)
  • Purple Button: Frink uses a boost pack. (Truck) / Frink picks something up. (Motorbike / Off-Vehicle) / Throws item. (If holding an item)
  • Shoulder Buttons: Frink drifts with his vehicle. (Vehicle) / Frink looks sharply from one direction to another. (Off-Vehicle)
  • Left Inner Trigger: Frink speeds time forward.
  • Right Inner Trigger: Frink speeds time backwards.
  • Left Bottom Trigger: Frink alters his age to be younger.
  • Right Bottom Trigger: Frink alters his age to be older.
  • Start: Pauses the game.
  • Select: Opens up the town map, shows houses you haven't delivered to yet and shows the current status of each road.


Frink reshot


Frink is the game's main protagonist and initially the only playable character until you unlock the others.  Frink is a silent type, he has very little speech and often does everything with sealed lips.  His personality seems to wedge him towards just delivering mail for the sake of delivering it, and he won't stop 'til all the world's mail is successfully delivered, or until the universe dies out.

  • Speed ~ 3 / 5
  • Offense ~ 3 / 5
  • Defense ~ 3 / 5
  • Handling ~ 3 / 5

Cherry is a mailwoman who is Frink's wife.  She's full of energy and has the vigor to do anything she sets her mind to.  Her personality is reflected upon those who talk to her.  If someone is happy when speaking to her, she'll be happy back, and the same goes for anger.  When the first bit of the story is completed, the player can play as Cherry.

  • Speed ~ 5 / 5
  • Offense ~ 2 / 5
  • Defense ~ 1 / 5
  • Handling ~ 4 / 5

Rudy is a mailman who has a rude personality and always tries to cram mail into people's faces.  Actually, mailman may be a bit of an overestimate, he's just a teenager who's new into business and all that, so...mailboy?  Rudy is reckless and has little control over himself, and does what his heart and mind tell him to do, which give him mixed and rather crazy results.

  • Speed ~ 2 / 5
  • Offense ~ 5 / 5
  • Defense ~ 4 / 5
  • Handling ~ 1 / 5

Verlorose is the leader of the mail delivery service after Sam gets fired and oversees the actions of the other men and women in the crew.  Unlike the previous headmaster, Verlorose often goes on the road to deliver mail herself, using walkie-talkies to communicate with her fellow comrades.  She really likes children and often is seen babysitting outside her career.

  • Speed ~ 2 / 5
  • Offense ~ 3 / 5
  • Defense ~ 5 / 5
  • Handling ~ 2 / 5

Scarecrows of live status aren't really common around the Zaxinian Lifts, but this particular one, named Terry, is quite frightening.  Terry is a mail deliveryman who often waits in the shadows, striking his opponents, but as he progressed in life, his stealth led up to his very successful mailman career.  Watch out for his ridiculous handling.

  • Speed ~ 3 / 5
  • Offense ~ 1 / 5
  • Defense ~ 3 / 5
  • Handling ~ 5 / 5


Valerie isn't necessarily a mailwoman, but rather a woman of many occupations, and mail delivering is only one of many services she can handle.  Thinking Frink's work fun and a nice "pet project", she decides to take up the wheel and try and deliver mail...and other things.  She's quite talkative and tries to create conversations, but some people just don't really want her around.

  • Speed ~ 4 / 5
  • Offense ~ 3 / 5
  • Defense ~ 2 / 5
  • Handling ~ 3 / 5
Sam Sam is considered the main antagonist of this game.  He's really fat and tall, and is said to be the boss of Frink's company.  While he drives Frink outside to do his usual duties, he plots to get filthy rich and burn all his body fat, then take over the world.  When he's out on the run, he often drives in non-rain conditions, and is hostile to Frink if he's spotted delivering mail before him.  Sam cannot be defeated by gunfire; his body fat absorbs that.

On a non-sunny day you can sometimes catch this demonic baby fetus out to try and rival you in the business.  It's upside down and has its umbilical cord attached to a storm cloud.  While it seems to mind its own business, if it sights you attempting to deliver mail before it does, he'll attempt to shock your vehicle to make you temporarily lose control.

Character was created by Exotoro (tbc).


Mail Truck The most ordinary of vehicles, the Mail Truck is your default truck vehicle in the game.  Of course, its weapons aren't really ordinary, it has homing rockets and flamethrowers to burn things apart.
Light Motorbike The most ordinary of bikes, the Light Motorbike is your default bike in the game.  The Motorbike is rather average in all fields and is perfect for someone like Frink to use.  
Ambulance The Ambulance was bought by Frink to go really fast and get to service faster, the real purpose of the vehicle being overriden by ironically ripping through people on the streets.  It can use sawblades and flamethrowers.
Jet Bike The Jet Bike was bought by Frink to go really fast, even moreso than the Ambulance.  Using the jets on the back of the vehicle, Frink can really plow through streets and obstacles with this bike.
Ferrari The Ferrari was bought by Frink to thrash through the streets in style and deliver mail also in style.  It serves no real differences from the Mail Truck in terms of weapons, but the weapons go faster and they have some more lag.
Hovercraft The Hovercraft is a nice mobile bike-like vehicle that Frink bought to hover above the roads to avoid hazards.  It's slower than most of the other vehicles but it has super good handling.
War Tank War Tank is an unusual vehicle to use to deliver mail, but where Frink lives, anything can really happen.  While it's the slowest of Frink's possible vehicles, it can use demolishing cannon shots to tear through almost anything.
G.U.N. Board G.U.N. Board, directly from Sonic Adventure 2 as a cameo, is something Frink can grind the roads and ride the waters with.  Frink can perform legit tricks, working like they did in Tafu.
UFO The UFO is kind of like the Hovercraft, but goes much higher and goes faster overall.  From it, Frink can fire heat-seeking missiles and home them onto virtually everything.  However, it's height limit decreases with damage.
Great Steed The Great Steed is not a vehicle at all, but it's a cool replacement for a bike.  It's Frink on a horse, man.  This is a rather fast horse and it can do fancy leaps over obstacles.
Garbage Truck The Garbage Truck is the strongest and perhaps most overpowered vehicle in Ordinary Mailman.  With this, Frink can smash through any obstacles and annihilate anything that comes his way.  The only default weapon is itself.
Firebike The Firebike is a very fast bike that is capable of ascending into the air as a kind of rocket, and it can slam into obstacles as a flaming weapon that destroys them.  On the road, it moves at a supersonic pace.


Rifle The Rifle is the most basic of weapons you can own in this game.  Releases a few bullets that can do decent damage on contact.  The weapon has a bit of a tendency to home on objects and shoot them more accurately.
Bomb The Bomb is another basic weapon that creates a small explosion on contact.  The explosion can knock things into the air or deal high damage to small areas of foes; like smal weak points.
Sawblade The Sawblade has many uses, including being able to cut trees, slash objects apart, and kill enemies with ease.  While being hard to aim, the Sawblade can prove to be a very valuable, if simple, weapon.
Cannon Shot Cannon Shot fires a metal ball from a cannon (...obviously) that deals tremendous damage upon contact with something, but the only true downfall is that you need almost precise aim.  At least the ball is big.
Psychokinetic Gloves Psychokinetic Gloves allow the player to pick up objects and toss them around, into other objects or really just anywhere they please.  Mail can be tossed this way to houses easily.
Thunder Deflectors Thunder Deflector forms a shield that allows the player to block projectiles and retaliate with a shock attack that deals paralysis and damage on contact to enemeis and objects alike.  Can fire small jolts of electricity.
Flamethrowers Flamethrowers spew out fire to burn things apart rather fast.  Easily churns through grass and metal.  It can be aimed in almost any direction to take down foes that get too close to the player. 
Rocket Launchers Rocket Launchers fire rockets (obviously) that will lock on things targetted with their crosshairs.  These rockets can rack up massive damage if several hit an object at once, but there are time-taking cooldowns after chained shots.
Power Bomb The Power Bomb lives up to its name.  Upon being launched, it'll create a really large explosion and do widespread damage, wiping weak objects and foes out of existence.  After one is fired, there is a cooldown break.
Magma Gun Magma Gun spews out a river of molten magma that creates fires and destroys a bunch of things, even you, on contact.  The magma can be cleaned up by running your gun over it.
Spinning Fury Spinning Fury turns the truck or the player themselves into a spinning circle of fury that tears through health of enemies and wipes through obstacles.  It also deflects enemy shots back at foes.
Machine Gun The Machine Gun is really Ordinary Mailman's ultimate weapon.  It has several bullets and can be fired continuously.  The weapon is almost unstoppable and it can cover quite a good range because you can aim left and right.



The cultural and social borough of New York, and the one with the most population, Brooklyn is your dream course for point racking. It has the most houses you can deliver to and features some of the longest roads, meaning you can feel sharp increases in speed.

Brooklyn is Frink's home and is most suited for his abilities.

  • Highest population
  • Second largest size
  • Often features volcanic hazards, such as falling ash, lava bombs, lava flows.  Lava flows often obstruct roads.

While somewhat small, Manhattan densely populated and has many houses you can deliver to. The area is where Frink can encounter the most people and deliver mail in very short periods of time. You can drive in many insane ways here, you can ride up buildings using slopes and avoid the crowded main roads.

Manhattan is Cherry's home and is most suited for her abilities.

  • Second highest population
  • Second smallest size
  • Features storm conditions, like thunder and lightning, blizzards, and tornadoes.  Tornadoes shatter apart roads and buildings.

Very ethnically diverse, and the most diverse on Earth, Queens is surely an interesting borough of New York. It's the smallest area in the game and the roads aren't too crowded, but you can find yourself driving through tunnels and occasionally under bits of the sea.

Queens is Rudy's home and is most suited for his abilities.

  • Second lowest population
  • Smallest size
  • Features more blinding hazards than real natural disasters, including dust storms, blinding sunlight, and also features earthquakes.
Staten Island

Staten Island has the least amount of population and has few houses to deliver in, but these houses offer great points when you do deliver to them. To get to them though, you must bypass severe weather conditions and sometimes run through small underwater sections. There are many trails, so there are many paths.

Staten Island is Verlorose's home and is most suited for her abilities.

  • Lowest population
  • Largest size
  • Water spells big trouble on Staten Island, waterspouts and floods included, but also features dreadful, widely destructive hurricanes.
The Bronx

The moderate sized, moderate populated Bronx is quite fun to play around in. It's quite leisure and it's the most varied in background and design, you can ride through the Bronx Zoo and take various unique roadways. As it is mostly on New York's mainland, you don't really need to fear water this time.

The Bronx is Terry's home and is most suited for his abilities.

  • Moderate population
  • Moderate size
  • The Bronx features snow related hazards.  Sometimes it's just snow that falls, but avalanches and blizzards are common and brutal.


Phoenix Man

Phoenix Man is the boss residing in Bronx.  When encountered, he'll toss arcs of fire and shoot out heat-seeking missiles at you, all while moving erractically.  He'll go around in the air and scope in on you, tossing bullets if he locks on successfully.  To damage him, shoot him out of the sky and attack him when he's on the ground, where he'll use powerful slashes to damage you.

On higher difficulties, Phoenix Man is capable of tossing lava bombs and he tosses three arcs of fire at once rather than one at a time.

The Lightning

The Lightning is the boss residing in Manhattan.  When encountered, she'll run away on her motorbike, prompting you to chase her.  She'll drop series of bombs and spike balls you need to avoid, sometimes ones that bounce, and attempt to blow up her vehicle.  Sometimes she'll turn around and attempt to fire at you with her rifle.  If she misses, you can damage her straight on.

On higher difficulties, the Lightning will surround herself and her vehicle in electricity, hurting you if you touch them, and the bombs are harder to avoid.

Wind Master

The Wind Master is the boss residing in Queens.  When encountered, the Wind Master will attempt to blow you and your vehicle if you're in one off the battlefield.  Avoid this and attack his powerful fans to stop him from attempting to knock you off.  If he's not using his fans, he'll use a machine gun to try and take care of you instead.  To damage him directly, attack his face when the fans are down.

On higher difficulties, the Wind Master will do a much faster job of trying to get rid of you and fly in the air, making aiming and attacking more difficult.

Mr. Hurricane

Mr. Hurricane is, besides Sam, the only one to really ride in a vehicle.  Mr. Hurricane spins around and creates whirlpools, which you must avoid, then he forms some waterspouts.  You cannot damage him by normal means, so shoot him so he gets into the waterspout, making him fly hard and smash into the ground.  When the cockpit is exposed, aim at Mr. Hurricane to cause damage.  Watch out for his hydrogen bombs.

On higher difficulties, Mr. Hurricane will have larger whirlpools and will fire more of them, and his truck will have more resistance to your attacks.


Powder is the boss residing in the Bronx.  When encountered, Powder will use her umbrella to stab you personally and use snow to drive you away from her.  She can use her umbrella to deflect projectiles, so use physical weapons to wear her down.  You can do this by attacking her umbrella, then strike away at her body.  Be careful though, she can create hailstorms to try and slow you down.

On higher difficulties, Powder will have two umbrellas and moves faster overall, her hailstorm actually dealing damage to the player.


Sam is the final boss of the game and rides in a UFO to try and defeat you.  He'll go around and fire plasma rays and plasma shots to deal damage, refleclt these back at him or fire at the underside of his UFO to cause damage.  Be careful to not drive off the arena into the lava.  He has indefinite health, but the more damage you deal to the UFO, the lower it descends.  Make him descend into the lava.

On higher difficulties, his vehicle will resist going down more and has bombs that attack in ridiculously wide radii.


  • Ordinary Mailman started out as a 2014 project, but was canceled rather fast.

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