The Order of Hellfire is a group of friends who go on chat together and work on the Hellfire Fighters series. While the group never officially disbanded (despite some conflicts involving the group's former leader, Dark,) it has pretty much faded out of existence. 




These are the games the OoH worked on as a team so far.


When Sora announced he was making a colab umbrella game, Dark asked to join, but fearing he wouldn't get the part, he contacted Scratch via Chat and asked him if he wanted to work on HF2 with him. Hammy said yes, and a while later, Dark got the part in the umbrella, but he later got booted off. Dark than decided to make something like that his own way and asked Danny, Lucky, and Taylor to join too. Some of the members of Sora's colab starting hating on Dark's colab, and during that time Dark asked Meme to join. A little while later, Sora cleared things up between his colab and Dark's colab, and it became a competition. Later, Danny came up with the name "Order of Hellfire" and the team was formed. 

Later, Dark asked Tucker to join, and he said ok, but he wouldn't be able to put much attention into it.

A while later, Yvetal and Fandro asked to join. Dark let Yvetal join, but said Fandro needed just a bit more experience on the wiki. 

A short time after, Dark abandoned the Order to work on Age of Fury with MGX, leaving the other 7 members to continue the series.

On the same day, Danny, the current "leader" was banned from the group, making Meme the new leader. The next day, Dark declared that there's no leader to the Order anymore, and reinstated Danny into the group.

If you ever want to join OoH, contact one of us via talk page.

(Please note that we won't take ANYONE who asks to join. We also have to make sure EVERYONE in the group is ok with you joining.) 

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