Order's Sanctuary is the new stage for the Final Fantasy cast in Super Smash Bros. Amplified

Stage Layout

The stage is similar to Battlefield, but the stage platforms and base shrink and grow slightly and harmoniously. Outside of that, there is nothing else. The ceiling height and blast zone areas are completely identical to Battlefield. The background is the rest of the stage viewing the grind rails and the area where Cosmos is seen.


This stage is taken from the PSP releases of Dissidia Final Fantasy. This area is where Cosmos resides during the thirteen cycles and the Warriors of Cosmos are summoned here to fight for her. Cloud Strife in the 13th fighting cycle and Bartz Klauser were both Cosmos's warriors in the Dissidia games on the PSP.


This stage has a total of 19 tracks to select via My Music.

Music Tracks
Remix? Title Arranger Composer Description Origin
No Matoya's Cave Original Nobuo Uematsu Theme of Matoya's Cave Final Fantasy
Yes The Rebel Army Yoko Shimomura Nobuo Uematsu Theme of the Rebel Army that Firion joins. Final Fantasy II
No Crystal Tower Original Nobuo Uematsu Theme Crystal Tower Final Fantasy III
No Battle 2 Original Nobuo Uematsu Normal Boss battle theme Final Fantasy IV
No The Four Warriors of Dawn Original Nobuo Uematsu Final Fantasy V
Yes Clash on the Big Bridge Nobuo Uematsu Nobuo Uematsu An orchestra/rock mix that keeps close to the original. Final Fantasy V
No Decisive Battle - FF6 Takeharu Ishimoto Nobuo Uematsu Normal Boss theme remix Dissidia: Final Fantasy
No Fight On! Original Nobuo Uematsu Normal Boss Theme Final Fantasy VII
Yes Let the Battles Begin Nobuo Uematsu Nobuo Uematsu A techno/rock mix that keeps close to the original. Final Fantasy VII
No The Man with the Machine Gun Original Nobuo Uematsu Normal Battle theme of Laguna's party. Final Fantasy VIII
No Hunter's Chance Original Nobuo Uematsu Plays during Festival of the Hunt. Alternative name is the festival's name. Final Fantasy IX
Yes You're Not Alone Nobuo Uematsu Nobuo Uematsu A rock variant of moment where Zidane struggles with his purpose in life. Final Fantasy IX
No Battle Theme Original Nobuo Uematsu Normal Battle theme Final Fantasy X
No Iron Colossus Original Naoshi Mizuta Theme of Odin. Also for Shantotto in Wings of the Goddess Final Fantasy XI
No Esper Battle - FF12 Takemaru Ishimoto Hitoshi Sakamoto Dissidia 012 remix of the Esper Battle in FF12. Dissidia 012 [Duodecim] Final Fantasy
No Fighting Fate Original Masashi Hamauzu Fight theme of Barthandelus Final Fantasy XIII
Yes The Land Breathes Masashi Hamauzu Masayoshi Soken A techno mix of the Battle theme in Limsa Lominsa Final Fantasy XIV
No Omnis Lacrima Original Yoko Shimomura Boss them for FFXV Final Fantasy XV
Yes Chocobo Theme Masashi Hamauzu Nobuo Uematsu A fully orchestrated remix that is joyfully upbeat Final Fantasy series


  • This stage replaces Midgar due to Bartz Klauser being the second Final Fantasy character.
  • The music is licensed more than the previous game due to Square Enix's in-house tools being used for the game and Square Enix contributing to the game's development.

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