Orcus Koopa
Orcus Koopa
Orcus Koopa's artwork.
Full Name Orcus Koopa
Current Age 17
Gender Male
Species Koopaling
Align Evil
Current Status Alive
Vulnerable To The Following;
  • Jumped On
  • Fireballs
  • Iceballs
  • Tanooki Swipe
  • Cat Attacks
  • Spin Attacks
  • Metallic Flower Attacks
  • Music Note Dash
  • Boomerangs
  • Hammers

Orcus Koopa is one of the Koopalings and is part of a Sub-Group called the Mythical Koopalings. Orcus is the third oldest of the seven and is generally regarded as the brute of them, he also governs the powers of Earth.


Orcus is by far the largest of the seven Mythical Koopalings, a large Koopaling, Orcus has a very aggressive physique. He has three spikes that jut out of his lower jaw and his two lower canines jut out of his mouth. He also has two very small horns on his snout. He has a Green Mohawk and bushy Green Eyebrows.

His Torso plating is in a zig-zag pattern and goes down his entire body. His shell is Green in colour as well and has a very wide base to it.


Through the various pieces of lore scattered across all the Mario Games, it is revealed that the Mythical Koopalings existed a long time ago, inidicating and confirming their lack of proper relation to Bowser. The Mythical Koopalings supposedly were from 300 years before the present day in the Mushroom Kingdom and originally helped Bowser's ancestors take over the Mushroom Kingdom and its neighbours until they were eventually sealed away in a Grand Star and Bowser's Ancestors were defeated.

Orcus was known as an absolute monster to his enemies and allies, he controlled a mighty and once proud army of Spikes that were known to terrorize and capture major cities and settlements across all Kingdoms, Orcus was regarded as one of the great conquerers of the time along with Sirenae & Draco. Orcus was also known to prefer solitude and had become known for his destructive tendencies to ensure this solitude, including the formation of an entire mountain range just so he could get away from his army for a couple of weeks.

Due to his rather limited intelligence and complete negligence for his troops, Orcus was the second Mythical Koopaling captured in the Grand Star and was infamously written down as being betrayed by his own men who abandoned him in his final hours due to their complete disapproval for his method of leadership. This lead to a temporary alliance between the Sarasland Raiders & the Spike Armada.


Orcus is a despicable individual, often known for bullying smaller individuals, creating havoc and destruction wherever he goes, Orcus is sometimes called the Koopaling who broke Bowser as he and Bowser once engaged in combat with Orcus defeating the king of the Koopas. Orcus doesn't tolerate individuals he regards as insignificant and despises Mario for what he represents.


Like most Koopalings, Orcus is able to spin rapidly in his shell to perform dash attacks as well as spit fire. Orcus' fireballs however will erupt in a column of fire upon making contact with the ground.

Orcus' main ability is his power over Earth, this allows him to cause seismic quakes by simply stomping the ground, levelling the terrain by stomping and also forcing the earth to contort in various ways.

Game Appearances

New Super Mario Bros. Lambda

Orcus along with the other 7 Mythical Koopalings will appear as Castle Bosses for the 8th to 14th Worlds in the game. Orcus appears as the boss of the 8th World, Gemguard Ruins.

During the battle with Orcus, he will periodically generator shockwaves simply by stomping the ground as well as also throwing mud directly at the players, which if they are hit by it, they're screen will be partially impossible to see. Orcus will also charge at the players and after taking damage, covers himself in mud which hardens forming a protective layer that forces the players to Ground Pound him to deal damage.

Super Mario 3D: Magic Orb Legacy

Orcus is the boss character of World 9: Volcanic Dreadlands. His battle involves him picking up chunks of rock from the walls of his battlefield and throwing them at Mario. A pipe on the battlefield will generate Orbs of Earth if Mario does not have them. The Orbs of Earth allow him to pick up his own chunks of rock to throw at Orcus. If Orcus is hit 5 times, he is hit into the lava and Mario wins the battle.



  • Orcusis one of few Koopalings to have distinguishable eyebrows
  • Due to Orcus being able to defeat Bowser in combat, Bowser often lends his most powerful minions to this Koopaling, notably Magikoopas, Firebros and Sledge Bros.
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