Orange Yoshi ('Dash')

'Dash' with Mario.

An Orange Yoshi who was born on Delfino Island, he has the innate ability of speed that he has somehow obtained before he hatched, and, as a result of being a Yoshi from a Delfino Island heritage, he cannot swim and therfore advises the rest of his teammates to keep him away from deep water of any kind. He talks very fast, and can't usually be understood because of this, therefore prompting Red Yoshi to build a device which could record any voice and slow it down or speed it up, which turned out to be very useful on many occasions. Another result of his speed is that he has earned the nickname 'Dash', although he prefers to be called Orange Yoshi.


  • He is based off of the Dash Yoshi powerup state (obtained from eating a Dash Pepper) in Super Mario Galaxy 2.
  • His inability to swim is taken from two things:
  1. In Super Mario Sunshine, Yoshies couldn't swim.
  2. Another character with an innate speed ability, Sonic, also cannot swim.
  • The speedy, usually hard to understand speech was taken from Blurr in the Transformers Generation 1 cartoon.

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