Orange Star
Orange Star SSBA
SSB Advance Wars Series
Universe Advance Wars
Availability Unlockable
Final Smash Hyper Upgrade

This page is about Orange Star in Super Smash Bros. Combat only! For the characters in other context see Orange Star.

Orange Star are a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Combat, and must be unlocked. Orange Star consists of three commanders of the Orange Star organization, Andy, Sami, and Max, all riding in one of the Orange Star tanks (somehow, as the tank is just the size of Bowser), with Andy sitting in the front of the tank, Sami sitting back to back with Andy, and Max perched on the back of the tank. The tank is very heavy and slow, but has a lot of powerful projectiles, in addition to having pretty solid recovery. Orange Star, despite the solid recovery, has less than mediocre airgame due to fast fallspeed.


  • Standard SpecialInfantry – Orange Star shoots a miniature tank out of theirs, causing it to either hit opponents or assist Orange Star on the field.
  • Side Special - Artillery – Sami (who is in the middle of the tank) throws an APU, which shoots projectiles at the players from the top of the stage.
  • Up Special Helicopter – Max (who is in the back of the tank) holds up two battle helicopters, which allow the tank to rise into the air.
  • Down Special Hyper Repair – Andy holds up his wrenches before quickly repairing some of the damage of the tank.
  • Final SmashHyper Upgrade – Orange Star fortify the tank, causing it to become extremely powerful and increase in size. This is maintained for fifteen seconds.

Victory Theme Wars 2 Victory Fanfare

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