This is a game that will be created using Stencyl ( and is created BY User:1337doom Actually its a big series!

We hope it is very fun.

1337doom has requested that not only nobody edit this page, but also that somebody help him rewrite his story lines! not a whole new story, just something easier to understand! THNX!

story game one

Sheer, a young castling, once was on vacation! The bad guy dark moyo kidnapped all the castlings except for sheer 'cause he was on vacation (in the middle of fall?). Then Sheer has to stop dark moyo!

story game 2 (operation HOMECOMING)

Dark moyo is defeated and he wants to find his family. You can play as him, trying to find his true memories!

story game 3 (operation DIE)

Dark moyo finds a dragons egg! two, in fact, and they end up killing sheer! But then princess Castelle must reclaim the kingdom from the new evils: Dark Riders, Black Knights, and King JKuna! Oh yes, but after sheer dies, he turns dark like Dark Moyo! Dark moyo helps princess castelle along the way!


More coming soon!

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