One World Logo
One World Boxart
Developer(s) Nextgen solo logo4
Publisher(s) FantendoByArend
Platform(s) Blulogo2
Release Date(s)
Worldwide: December 18, 2011
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Open-World
Media Included Bluevolt 2 HD Blu-Ray Optical Disc
Open World, labeled in the logo as "Open World: Yours to Explore", is a purely open-world game from NextGen Solo. It is one of the company's most original titles ever, and is the last game being made for 2011 by NS. It, despite the company's recent focus, does not make use of their new SHiFT Online service.


You are You. (name-able character)

Dropped into this vast world, you have no idea where to go or what to do. And that is where the fun starts. Go left, right, find a cave, it doesn't matter.

Armed with only your sword and shield, the world is yours to explore.


Briefly touched upon in the Story section, the gameplay of this game is one the purest forms of its genre. Just explore. There are many different upgrades for your weapons, armor, and stats to be found in the massive environment, rewarded in sidequests for the 10 Prominents (characters that have quests for you) in each of the 5 civilizations, won by defeating the 5 Big Bosses (tormentors of the people), maxing out your Kolla count, and finding all 500 Tolphyemu Tears. Items, whether optional or required for completion, can also be found in some of these ways.

There are also achievements to earn and secret "Keys of Heroes" to collect. Keys of Heroes, once all 100 are collected, unlock a secret civilization under the sea, where you can fight the 6th Big Boss, using every required item in the game.

Besides that, you can also buy a house in the first 5 civilizations, creating helpful respawn points; after you die, you have the option to choose a house you can wake up in, or the spawn point of the very beginning, the God Shrine.


The 5 main areas are Humania, Avian, Rokkae, Wispiaa, and Darkdem. There is also a secret 6th civilization, Aquairia. You can see all the prominents in every area's civilizations, complete with artwork here.

Note: Artwork for all prominents are not available as of now.

Area Description
Humania Humania: An area characterized by its mountain ranges, lakes, valleys, and forests, Humania is home to the humans of Openn. One of its locations, the Great Forest, is home to the tribal civilization of Humania, the Dokos.
Avian Avian: A group of small landforms suspended in the sky, Avian is home to the Openn race of bird people, the Avians. Only about half of the Avian population regularly lives in the area Avian, because they are so fascinated with the world below. The tribal people of Avian are the most populated in the area.
Rokkae Rokkae: Hot lava rivers and a red, swirling "sky" are some features of Rokkae. The people, the Rokkae, are sentient bipedals made of the rock from their land. It is once said among Rokkae's tribals that when the gods were sealing away Rokkae with the red sky, they accidentally created the living rocks.
Wispiaa Wispiaa: Avian landmasses and bits of rock and stone trapped in a never-ending tornado; that is the land of Wispiaa. The "creatures of the wind", the Wispiaas, inhabit the land. No other races dare live in the hellhole suitable only for ones of advanced flight. Wispiaa does not even have a tribe.
Darkdem Darkdem: A mysterious and barren land with only 5 prominents, Darkdem is not a great place to be. It's creepy, it's only building is the huge Skull Fort that houses the one town, and the tribe of this place, located far out in the purple sea, will brutally test your skill as the hero of Openn.
TBA Aquairia: TBA


In the game, there is a location called the "Altar of Purchase." It serves no purpose in the game as of release, but the chief of the Humania Civ (Domde Welton) does mention it "having the power to shift otherworldly purchases into the world."

On January 3, 2012, NextGen Solo released this statement:

"For those who haven't figured it out, the Altar of Purchase on the remote island off of Humania was put there for the purpose of adding DLC to One World, now Open World. Our plans for DLC are new areas, weapons, upgrades, and collectibles that will add even more replay value to the game. We expect the first DLC release to be sometime later this month."


  • Some might see this as being a "cheap" game for not having a story. However, the lack of a proper story allows the player to explore more freely and have his or her own adventures, the main selling point of the game.
  • Although the game does have plentiful combat features, enemies are not planned to be listed, and if they were, most would go without artwork.
  • In January 2012, the page was revamped. The landscape art style was slightly changed, and the character art style was redone, now not shaded for quick production, which led to the announcement that all characters, items, and item upgrades would receive artwork. Also, the name was changed from One World to Open World, with a new logo and boxart.

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