Opaque View: New Age is a Platformer/Puzzle game for the Storybook, made for Series Swap Day #3. After several delays, it will be released sometime in 2014.


After a long period of time, the monochrome deity was still furious. With potential hatred, he, once again, splashed the land with boring colours. At that time, the colour god was too weak to try anything. The boys that stopped him last time were dead now. So, the colourful deity created a neon being, Lucha, to sprint across the land and bring colour through his steps. The monochrome god saw the being, and created 7 great midnight stalkers to push the colour away.


Opaque View: New Age brings most defining features from the first game back. It retains the 2D platforming aspect, but sprites have been replaced by 3D models, and there is a new triple-jump aspect.

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