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Captain Oomb
As he appears in The Fantendo Pit.
Full Name Oomb
Current Age Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Gender Male
Location Planet Hocotate
Current Status Alive
Class Space Captain
Main Weapon(s) Antennea


Ability/ies Can command Pikmin
Vulnerable To Oxygen
First Appearance Pikmin HD
Latest Appearance The Fantendo Pit
Oomb is a new space captain introduced in Pikmin HD, when the President wanted to maximize search efforts. He later appears as an unlockable fighter in The Fantendo Pit.


Pikmin HDEdit

In Pikmin HD, Oomb appears as a playable character. He joins Olimar, Louie, and the President when they need to earn another 20,000 Pokos. He has a deep fascination with the Pikmin.

The Fantendo PitEdit

In The Fantendo Pit, Captain Oomb is an unlockable character. He is unlocked after you rescue the Pikmin from Zexam in Story Mode.


Pikmin HDEdit

In Pikmin HD, he has the sam abilities as the others; he can use his antenna to wack enemies, command Pikmin, etc.

The Fantendo PitEdit

In The Fantendo Pit, his moves are:

  • Entrance: Rides in on the ship from Pikmin 2
  • Basic Attack: Antenna Wack
  • Side Attack: Pikmin Pluck & Throw
  • Up Attack: Pellet Release
  • Finisher: Flies up in ship, crashes back down
  • Victory Pose: Plucks Black Pikmin and flies in a circle with it
  • Losing Pose: Dwarf Red Bulborb falls onto him


  • Currently, he is just a reskin of Olimar's appearance in the two games he appears in.