Ono's basic appearance
Full Name Ono
Gender Female
Species Blob
Class Mage
First Appearance Fandro RPG: Stray By Me

Ono is a blob character and a non-canonical character in the Fandro RPG series. She is set to debut as a prominent character in Fandro RPG: Stray By Me. She later appeared as a playable character in Brawl of the Fandraxonians and has become a staple of the BotF franchise since.


Ono is a sweet blob character. She is very caring, and very rarely shown to get angry. Being said, she can be overprotective and is quite stubborn. She is the best friend of Fandro, whom she had been friends with since childhood, and because of that, she is one of the few people able to tolerate his anger. She always strives to see the best in everyone and everything, however this makes her slightly naive as well.

Despite her caring attitude, when she is mad, she becomes quite a ferocious beast; almost unrecognisable. Her anger pretty much possesses her and unleashes all of her negativity, and as such, it is hard to calm her down.

Physical Appearance

Originally, Ono's appearance was quite similar to Fandraxono's, in that she was a large, sapient ball of slime with two angelic wings protruding from her back. She wore a small red bow on her head.

In Fandro RPG: Stray By Me, her appearance is quite different. While still a ball of slime, her colours were changed from a teal colour to be slightly more green. While she once had two eyes, she was given a single one like Fandro's, with it being blue instead of red. She had a ponytail held in place with blue bands that matched her eye. She also lost her two wings.


Fandro RPG: Stray By Me

Ono makes her debut appearance as a playable character in Fandro RPG: Stray By Me, and acts as the typical "mage" character class. Ono is one of the rare blobs with the ability to control the mana in the world around her, and does so in order to aid Fandro and her friends. She is the fastest of the playable characters, which is her greatest offensive asset. However, using mana, she is the only party member able to attack with magic - though Ari, who also has blood infused with magic, can also perform some of the defensive mechanics that Ono can.

Throughout the game, her ability in controlling mana increases drastically, and in the final boss fight, she almost kills herself after surrounding herself in magic. She also begins teaching Ari more about using magic, while he teaches her how to wield weapons properly. Because of this, they quickly become friends.

Brawl of the Fandraxonians

Ono is a default speed character in this game, utilizing her abilities to trick foes. She is known for being difficult to use properly and is rather weak.

Her home stage is Aquatic Temple.



  • In Stray By Me, Ari reveals that he had never had a friend before Ono. It is also hinted that he may harbour feelings for her as well.
  • Ono's drastic redesign for Stray By Me from her concept artwork led some people to think that they were two different characters. The director of Stray By Me has revealed that Ono's design with the angelic wings is her "canon" design, while the design used in the game is only canon to Stray By Me's universe.
  • It is hinted that Ono and Fandro hold romantic interests in one another. Their shipping is commonly known as Fandraxono, after the creator of the series.