Onett (Japanese: おうねつ Onett) is a town in the EarthBound (Mother 2), Ness' hometown and the place where the meteorite crash landed.

This place is a part of Eagleland and so, The Arcade, Police Station and one of the sanctuary bosses can also be found here, this area houses the energy that Giant Step holds.

It is rumored to appear in SSBF.

Earthbound 2

In EarthBound 2, the road past Ness and Pokey's houses has been blocked off. A mysterious cave has opened up behind Ness's house, and Ness and Tracy venture into the cave. Buzz Buzz has been fully revived, and teams up with the duo to defeat Pokey's parents, who accused Ness of "doing something" to Pokey. Pokey, who is now much more powerful, assists the group out of the cave after defeating his parents.