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One Winged Angel: Destiny Cross is an game developed by Phoniex Circle for an unknown system. It will follow the adventures of Maion as she ventures onto Earth and The Demon Realm to find the Sun Goddess before the first day of Summer. As the journey between the three realms progresses, more and more gods and goddesses disappear. All the while it seems something more sinister is abrew...


An large amount of demons have raided the cloud world, but nobody knows why or how. Later, they discover that the Sun Goddess has been kidnapped. Maion, an angel in training, has been sent to find the sun goddess, and has only one week before the first day of summer happens. She disguises herself as human and rents an apartment in the world below.

First Day

Maion gets a job as a plumber, and is required to do at least three houses. Afterwards, Maion can go home and clean her apartment and move in some of her stuff. Exhausted, Maion goes to sleep.

When Maion goes to sleep, she can visit the Demon Realm. She begins by being told by another Angel, Zenia how to navigate the demonic realm. She manages to get to a red marked temple and meets the first boss, Slob Oozer. Fairly easy to beat, but the temple collapses, knocking her back to Earth.

Second Day

Maion names her human form as Fira, and goes to the laundromat. She receives word that now the Earth and Ocean Gods are missing, and nobody knows where they are. Maion works as a plumber for the rest of the day, and falls asleep.

She is greeted by Zenia again, who seems out of breath. Maion learns a few new moves such as the drop kick and how to use her single wing to fly. She reaches a blue marked temple and meets the second boss, Klimber the Ape. Klimber will constantly throw fruit at Maion, but otherwise he is easy and is beaten by Maion. The temple collapses, knocking Maion back to Earth.

Third Day

When Maion gets a call that even more gods and goddess are missing, she is beginning to suspect it isn't the demons but rather someone else. Maion goes under the alias Fira again, and tries to get some answers from the mortal world. She gets knocked out by a gang, and enters the demon world.

This time Zenia seems almost half asleep. Maion tries to question her, but she can barely get any words out of her. She drags Zenia with her, and goes to the green marked temple. There, she meets the Gravity-Shifter, Gerny. Gerny will separate Zenia and Maion on different sides of gravity, and will automatically go for Zenia with a large hammer. Maion must use her flight and grab her out of range. After being beaten, the temple collapses, waking her up in a chair on Earth.

Fourth Day

Maion breaks out of the chair, and attempts to get out of the building where she is held captive. She meets a small little demon named Germoo, who tells her that the demons have not captured any gods at all. Maion doesn't trust Germoo, but he insists the Demon Realm isn't guilty. A bunch of mobsters swarm into the room, and Maion breaks a window to get out. She goes back to her plumber job, but since she doesn't trust Germoo, she brings him along with her. When the day ends, Germoo and Maion go back to the apartment and go to sleep.

Maion finds Zenia a little more alert and awake than last time, and then she asks her what she was doing down here anyway. Before Zenia can answer, a firey monster named Deveion approaches. He will attempt to incarcerate both of them, but Zenia can handle it now. Maion can use some of the spiked rocks to harm him. Zenia leaves Maion behind, and Maion goes to the purple marked temple, and finds Poison Perry, an huge green skull like plant. He is surrounded in poisonous water, and the only way to beat him is to stomp on his head. After beating Poison Perry, Maion wakes up on Earth.

Fifth Day

Maion and Germoo go to her plumbing job, only to find out they have the wrong house. They find out it is where the Ice Goddess, who is concerned that almost all the gods and goddesses are gone. She tells Maion that she will follow her to the Demon Realm to find out what happened. Maion tells her suspicions about Zenia and the Ice Goddess puts off that theory. Maion finishes the job, and goes to sleep.

The Ice Goddess, Irene, meets Maion and Germoo in the Demon Realm. The level requires switching between Irene, Maion, and Germoo. Irene can't fly, but she can stick to ice surfaces, which are put throughout the level. Germoo can't fly either, but he can control enemies. They end up at the black temple, where an large horse skeleton named Boney Barry attacks them with his hooves. Irene can shoot ice shards at his head, Maion with the Celestial Crowbar, and Germoo with the horse's hooves. Together they manage to bring him down, only for Zenia to come in, panting more than usual. Before Zenia can talk though, the temple crashes.

Sixth Day

Maion wakes up and decides to get the laundry done and goes to the laundromat. She trusts Germoo enough now and leaves him at her home. While there, she meets a man named Richard, who she talks to while her clothes are in the wash. Richard and Maion decide to go on a date after her wash is done. She goes to her plumbing job, slightly excited about tomorrow. She goes to sleep, and enters the Demon Realm.

The Demon Realm has it's last temple, the rainbow temple. Maion enters it after going through a mineshaft, and the boss is Abomination, which is all the dead bosses put together as an Eldritch abomination. Abomination has all the attacks from the previous bosses, and is considered a very hard boss.

Final Day

Fira wakes up and gets dressed for the date. Once there, things start to go wary, and Richard is revealed to be a demon. After fighting him off with Celestial Crowbar, Maion hurries over to the Demon Realm.

She lands in a arena. She sees Irene and the Demoo Overlord just sitting there, telling her she's too late. Just then, the Celestial Crowbar gets grabbed out of her hands, and a giant, snarling, Demoo comes out, known as Alpha Abomination.

Alpha absorbs Germoo, and utterly destroys Maion's lone wing. Battered and torn, Maion barely gets up and prepares to fight Alpha.

After Alpha is hit, he tries to absorb Maion, but suddenly is shot with a arrow. Zenia wounds Alpha, but unfortunately grabs it's attention. Maion climbs to the gate where her Celestial Crowbar is, and grabs it. Zenia is halfway absorbed before Maion shoots at it with the Crowbar. Irene has had enough with her now, and tries to freeze Maion but hits Alpha instead. Without the Celestial Crowbar, which is his source of his strength, Alpha cannot unfreeze himself. Unfortunately, Zenia is still halfway absorbed, and cannot get out. Maion is unable to help her, and Zenia goes into Alpha, giving him a small bit of power.

Maion battles Alpha again and defeats him. Germoo is freed due to his demonic origins, but Zenia is nowhere to be found. Irene runs away. The Demoo Overlord criticizes Germoo, only to be shocked with his lightning powers. He brands him as a outcast, and Maion is forced out of the Demon Realm.

Maion, unable to get back, as well as Germoo, are unable to free any of the Gods or Goddesses. Then Maion remembers that they used the Celestial Crowbar, and that it may still have a link with it's previous user. They arrive at the gate, fight off the army of Demoos and other assorted demons, and rescue the Gods and Goddesses and return to the Angel Realm.


Maion returns to the Angel realm and her wing is repaired. Germoo is welcome into the Angel Realm.

Zenia wakes up on a remote island somewhere.

The Sun Goddess looks into the stars and frowns.


After the credits, Maion has a dream.

Three eyes, a fairy revolt, a shoehorn hunter, fusion of dimensions, and a man trapped in ice all appear.

The fight is about to begin.


The Earth sections of the game are RPG based, with quests such as getting laundry done and cleaning the house. Maion can also chat with other people nearby. After spending three hours on Earth a day, Maion can head to The Demon Realm to search for the goddess and fight off any demons in her path with her trusty Celestial Crowbar. The Celestial Crowbar can also be used on Earth as an bright red, normal crow-bar, to open up areas in the city.

In the Demon realm, fighting is mixed in with platforming. Maion can use fighting moves and kicks against demons, as well as her wing, which can be used to fly for a short time. Power-ups, such as the Chaos Pepper and Icraus Wing can be used to increase Maion's abilities. In one level, the player can control the Ice Goddess, Irene. In two levels, the devil Germoo can be controlled. They have ice powers and enemy control, respectively.

The gameplay can be compared to Catherine's, with the RPG elements mixed in with another genre at a different time.





It was deemed good enough for a HD rerelease on the Jem Zero.

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